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Voulez Vous Diner

Voulez Vous Diner

What is VoulezVousDîner?

With local homes as the setting and local people as the chefs, tourists are in for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. VoulezVousDîner has created a way for tourists to have the ultimate cultural experience: share a homemade meal made by locals in their home.

VoulezVousDîner connects local chefs with diners in cities as varied as Paris, London, Madrid, Vienna, Toronto and Canberra. It is a great way for travelers to meet local people and bond over the love of cooking and food. No matter what the budget, or type of food, with VoulezVousDîner you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner that leaves everyone happy.

To learn how you can host or attend a dinner, visit www.voulezvousdiner.com.