Very VIP Marie Antoinette Masked Ball

June 21–25, 2018  •  5 Days  •  $5895*



Arrive Thursday June 21st, 2018

AM Arrive from airport, relax and enjoy breakfast or lunch on your own. Optional jet-lag massage can be arranged.

We’ll meet together at 2pm for our Marie Antoinette Tour of Paris with a French expert.  

Taste the sweets Marie was so fond of at the oldest patisserie in Paris and learn where she spent her last days.

There will be an opportunity to shop for perfume and candles at places either frequented by Marie or inspired by her.

5pm Ladies tea at Ladurèe

Late Afternoon for relaxation. A Girls’ Guide Walking tour will be provided to you of the area if you wish to take a walk around the Latin Quarter where we’ll be staying.

8:30 Dinner befitting a queen at the Baccarat room. (1 Michelin star)

Friday June 22nd, 2018

Tour the Bagatelle Gardens with the only American who serves as a judge for their annual rose contest and who did the flowers for the US Embassy under the former administration

Later she will guide us in making a French floral wrap bouquet at her home nearby.

Sunny lunch al fresco on a private island in the Bois de Boulogne which is only accessible by boat

Back to the hotel for your beauty sleep.

Evening Paris Cocktail tour with the girl who wrote the book on Paris Cocktails enjoying French tapas along the way.

Saturday June 23rd, 2018

We’ll make our way to Versailles via chauffeured car and checking into our hotel 5* palace hotel for the next two nights. Afterwards, we’ll take a behind the scenes tour of Marie Antoinette’s Versailles including the hammeau and the royal apartments. Info from our tour guide:

Both Versailles and Marie Antoinette are recognised as inseparable. The whole Estate of Versailles, including the magnificent Palace, highly reflects her desires. Inside the Palace, the Big Apartments perfectly display the Absolute Monarchy and its strict rules and the private Estate of the Queen, now named the Estate of Marie-Antoinette, is characterised by a feminine, refined and intimate atmosphere.

Located at 20 minutes away from the great Palace by foot, discover The Marie Antoinette’s Estate and learn more with your guide about the world in which Marie Antoinette used to live.

After enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Alain Ducasse’s Ore situated right on the Versailles Palace Grounds.

As all guests must wear a baroque quality costume before reaching the Palace walls, later in the afternoon, we’ll get fitted into our 18th century costumes which you’lll have selected previously and which are measured just for you. GG2P will throw our very own Marie-worthy Make-up and dressing party at a suite in the hotel. While you sip champagne your hairdresser will assist you with your 18th century wig and our makeup artists will help you look your very best for this evening of splendour and grandiosity. The final touch will be the donning of your masque. There will be no Cinderella’s left out of this party!

Once ready we’ll dine privately at the hotel on Gordon Ramsey’s delicately prepared feast. After our repas we’ll walk leisurely to the Palace. We’ll have our own private masked guide for the night arriving early to the party enabling us to get a full tour of the palace garden grounds which will be enhanced by royal Versailles history explained to us in English by our expert French host. He will present the palace from the overhanging terrace, with a breathtaking view of the gardens. You’ll be taken for a stroll, following the royal path, and you will discover the best hidden groves imaginable. You’ll learn about the subliminal meaning of those secret places and imagine the intrigues which took place there. In the telling of the story, the extravagant festivites the king held in the gardens of Versailles will come alive for you.

  • You will have a glass of Champagne by the Mirror Pool, and meet other mysterious masked guests, while learning more about 18thcentury noble society. With the Musical Fountains in front of the King’s Garden, you will experience Versailles festivities as they were four centuries ago in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • You’ll then be led to the best spot to enjoy the Fountain night show followed by fireworks, before heading off to the Versailles Masked Ball within the amazing buildings of the Orangerie.

Your Extravagant VIP ticket will enable us to have our own reserved table with VIP buffet, unlimited champagne and priority coat check. A photographer and videographer will be taking photos so you can remember this occasion forever. The party starts at 11pm and there will be lots of dancing and other wild acts and goes on until 7am. If you blush easily, this event is not for you! Once you’ve partied until you heart’s content, you’ll be served breakfast at sunrise in the gardens. You can wander back to the hotel early or late but don’t loose your slipper!

Sunday June 24th, 2018

After a very late breakfast, enjoy a recovery day at the hotel’s Guerlain spa rejuvenating yourself with a facial or a massage* after your big night.Afternoon a tour of the charming town of Versailles including their antique stores will be available for those who are up for it.

Together we’ll have late lunch or early dinner at a charming bistro in town.

Monday June 25th, 2018

Wake up earlier today, take a brisk walk or do some yoga. Meet for a good-bye breakfast and then head back to Paris. Our cars will take you to the airport or drop you in town to head off for other travels. We can help you arrange to stay in Paris a few more nights should you want to imbibe in some shopping or museum visits.

* One spa service included in our tour price


** Itinerary is subject to change slightly based on weather or availability.


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