Very VIP Marie Antoinette Masked Ball

June 21–25, 2018  •  5 Days  •  $5895*



When we were young we all dreamed of being Cinderella for at least one night. Probably because we didn’t know about Marie Antoinette. Marie led the ultimate Princess and then Queen’s life until she met her untimely death. What if you could be Marie just for one night, or even a whole weekend? Dressing up, eating decadent sweets, drinking too much champagne, dancing and staying up until dawn – all this and much more is on order during our SUPER VIP Marie Antoinette weekend. We’ll be heading to the masked ball at Versailles after two spectacular days in Paris. This is a once in a lifetime event that will check off anyone’s princess-fantasy, bucket-list dream.

The GG2P Difference

  • Our specialty is Ladies-only trips in regions that are handpicked by Girls’ Guide to Paris founder Doni Belau using local expert guides and instructors.
  • We mix it up! Unlike other trips that just offer cooking, adventure, history, shopping or wine-tasting – we do a little bit of everything. This trip is about Marie Antoinette and will indulge every single one of your senses to the fullest.  
  • On this VIP adventure we’ll experience gardens, learn how to tie a French floral bouquet, learn more than you ever imagined about Marie Antoinette, relax during a spa day and attend the most enticing alluring event in the Paris region.
  • Wake up to warm croissants and later raise a glass of champagne to toast your newly made friends.
  • Gourmet meals and wines are chosen based on demanding “foodie” tastes and include high-quality local ingredients made with passion. All meals and wines and champagne included.
  • This GG2P trip will be hosted by Doni Belau, and her team of Paris & Versailles experts.
  • For this trip, we are excited to announce that we’ll be staying two nights in Paris near the Pantheon and two nights at a 5 star Palace hotel in Versailles. Check dates/price/pix page for the links.

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