The Undiscovered Aveyron

Aveyron, Undiscoverd AveyronSeptember 15-22, 2019  • 8 days/7 Nights • $4095*

You have questions, we have answers. Here are some FAQs.

How and when do I pay?

We invoice via PayPal your $1000 (non-refundable) deposit and your final payment which is due approximately 3 months before we depart. You can pay using PayPal even if you don’t have an account using your credit card. If you prefer we can also take online payments via Stripe, and in that case we’ll ask you to fill out a one-time credit card authorization form. You may also send a wire transfer which will save you the .0275% credit card processing fee. Your trip fees are not refundable unless for some reason GG2P has to cancel the tour. This doesn’t happen unless our minimum number of people isn’t met (normally 6) or something else catastrophic happens. This is rare. However we do urge folks to NOT buy their airfare until the trip minimum numbers are met. Normally the best fares are found 6-8 weeks out and not before. By that time we always know if the trip is a go or not. Rarely but sometimes people have to cancel due to family emergencies or health issues and for this reason we urge you to invest in high-quality trip insurance.

What’s included? 

Everything that is discussed on the itinerary save one dinner – all other meals are included. Transport, hotel stay, all tours and classes are all included. Airfare to France is not included, nor is the transfer to and from our hotel. There is some wine included with each meal but extra cocktails and after dinner drinks are to be paid for by the individual. Souvenirs and the optional massage are also not included. When comparing us to other tours, notice that most other tour companies do NOT include s0 many high quality meals. This is highly unusual and its one of the things that makes our tours such a good value. You will be dining at the finest places in the region, we are foodies and we care deeply about the quality of all of your experiences making sure each one is exceptional. All tour costs are prices as singles, if you want to share a room with an old or new friend or family member you each can normally save $500 each but please email us to double check and get exact figures. [email protected] 

What should I wear?

Pants, shirts, dresses and skirts are ideal. Packing a raincoat is always a good idea. To fit into to the “French” look and lifestyle it is better not to wear big bright running sneakers or shorts except when we are doing an athletic activity. Shorts, baseball caps and running shoes are frowned up in restaurants in France. Be prepared to do some walking each day. In all itineraries we will be walking anywhere from .5 – 3 miles per day. If you are unable to walk those distances at a medium pace, our trips may not be for you.

What next?

Our goal after a GG2P trip is to have people remain friends. I usually request that people fill out a short survey and we host a pre-trip conference call so that participants can get to know each other and put a name to a face before the trip and stay in touch (if they want) as well as share photos and memories afterwards.

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