Valentine’s Day in Paris: Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in the City of Light

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Could there be a more perfect place to be than Paris for Valentine’s Day? Are you in town with your hubby, your lover or the guy you just met? Here’s a list of ways to ensure a moment or two on Valentine’s Day that you’ll never forget.

Romance in Paris: A romantic waltz along the Seine

1. Classic Woody Allen scene: Kiss by the Seine under the Pont Marie after a short waltz.

2. Retro V-Day: Listen to the crooning voice of cabaret performer Caroline Nin (think Edith Piaf) at the Lido.

Locks of love in Paris

3. Only in Paris: Put a lock on the bridge between Notre Dame and the left bank on the Pont de l’Archevêché.

Champagne on Valentine's Day

4. Always a good idea: Sip some Veuve Clicquot champagne at Flûte, then crunch on some postcoital Pierre Hermé macarons in your hotel room.

Macarons in Paris

Merci, a boutique in Paris

5. He knows how to focus on YOU!: Have him take you shopping at Merci, then have a cup of tea and stare into each other’s eyes.

Shakespeare and Company

6. For intellectuals: Nose around the bookstore Shakespeare and Company, then light a candle across the street at Notre Dame.

7. For history and music lovers: Listen to Mozart at la Sainte-Chapelle.

A jazz club in Paris

8. Secret liasons: Bite his lip playfully in a corner of the jazz club Bilboquet, in the 6th Arrondissement.

Chantal Thomass

9. Buy some nasty panties at Chantal Thomass.

Eiffel Tower

Photo: Else22.

10. Climb to the top of Sacré Coeur and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at dusk.

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