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Le Tintilou, a new fusion-inflected Paris bistro from chef Jean-François Renard in the 11th Arrondissement

Le Tintilou

It would seem that chef Jean-François Renard has a thing for out-of-the-way neighborhoods. He first gained a following at Carte Blanche, a contemporary Paris bistro in a quiet part of the 9th (which is getting trendier by the day), and now he has set up deep in the 11th, taking over the former L’Aiguière and rechristening it Le Tintilou.

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Ze Kitchen Galerie

Ze Kitchen Galerie is a restaurant that I avoided for many years for one simple and superficial reason: that name is stupid. The faux-French pronunciation . . . the dual-purpose (food/art) pretension . . . I can barely think about it without rolling my eyes.

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