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Yoga in the Grand Palais

The Best Yoga in Paris

Yoga in Paris is a booming enterprise these days. Recently the clothing shop Yoga Concept opened its doors in the Marais, offering the perfect venue for visitors to get educated, expert advice on where to pursue their yoga practice in France. The owner, Pam, is a real insider and will point you to studios, workshops and events that are simply not to be missed when searching out yoga in Paris.

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Yoga teacher Dorion Davis

Paris Passions: Yoga

Once you’ve been bit by the yoga bug, you really need your yoga. Even if you are in Paris walking hundreds of miles a day as you explore the sites, your body will really begin to miss yoga. A few years ago, this was something of a problem. Unless you had a strong practice of your own, options for yogis in Paris were limited to a few local studios, and not all of them were particularly nice places. That has all changed, and there are now lots of choices for yoga in Paris if you’re looking for some downward-dog time through all the sightseeing.

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