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Nightlife in Paris: le Sancerre

Nightlife in Paris: A Trendy Night in the Haut Marais

It’s virtually impossible to picture the humble beginnings of the überhip Haut Marais as one of the most undesirable neighborhoods in Paris. The product of several decades of gentrification, this former swamp has since been polished into the swank stomping ground of the city’s hauts sophistiqués. At any given time, these young, stylish professionals decorate the popular locales […]

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Bordeaux: the stunning town of Saint-Émilion

Tasting the Vendange in Bordeaux

As much as I love my house in the Bordeaux region in the summer, I think September and October are the finest months in southwestern France. Pourquoi? Well, it’s the grape harvest, or vendange, of course.

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French Wines: Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2010

French wines, like French fashion and cuisine, are best appreciated in their proper seasons. As we approach the summer months, everything wine should be springing up rosés, but what to drink when […]

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Finding the Finest Natural French Wine in Paris

If you’re a fan of French wine and haven’t enjoyed a bottle of vin naturel yet, now is the time to discover the exhilarating by-product of biodynamic vines and an organic approach to wine making. A good place to start your search for natural French wine is at any one of a number of Paris restaurants, caves or bars à vin that sell low-sulfite, high-flavor varieties.

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Paris Comes to New York

Apparently the whole of New York respects and pays homage to Paris the way we Francophiles do, or they are doing a great job of pretending. While amazing French restos this side of the pond aren’t a new thing—Balthazar, Le Bernardin and Benoit come to mind—the macaron craze has hit New York hard. Ladurée, Financier and Bisous Ciao are some of the suggestions Amy Thomas gives in her darling book Paris My Sweet. But the passion for Paris in New York doesn’t stop there. Real French bread is coming to town! Shall we all say a prayer? I’ve been waiting for a decent baguette in NYC for 20-plus years. Finally someone listened.

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2011 William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux

Among French wines, Chablis is and always will be an undisputed classic. Celebrated and admired for its cool-climate austerity and distinctive flinty notes, it is a pure chardonnay experience. But what really […]

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France’s Retort to Port: 2009 La Tour Vieille Banyuls Rimage

The holidays are here, and with them come all sorts of festive combinations of delicacies and special French wines to enhance the spirit of the season. In the mood for merry? I’d recommend a […]

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2007 Domaine les Grands Bois, Cuvée Gabrielle, Côtes du Rhône Villages

The Rhône Valley is a treasure chest of highly desirable French wines at very reasonable prices. The 2007 Cuvée Gabrielle from Domaine les Grands Bois is a great example of this consumer-friendly […]

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Women Expats Mix Up the Paris Cocktail Scene

The Paris cocktail craze is on the rise, and while the scene remains mostly a boys’ club, women mixologists are important and influential players in the momentum of the movement. Bringing experiences and ideas from around the globe, lady expats have made a place for themselves behind some of the buzziest bars in the city. I was able to talk to a few of the scene’s rising stars, a group of amazing expat women who served up some advice on ice for anyone looking to enjoy Paris’s nightlife.

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Summer Flavors in Paris Restaurants, Part One

With the change of seasons in the City of Light, there’s also a change of flavors on the menus of Paris restaurants. Here’s a sampling of the ingredients du jour and what you can drink with them at home for your own Parisian feast.

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2011 Domaine Collotte Marsannay Rosé

The French wine cognoscenti have long been searching out and enjoying the pleasures of lively and refreshing rosés. For those of you who want to remain loyal to the pink persuasion but are ready for […]

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Foie gras

Summer Flavors in Paris Restaurants, Part Two

Earlier this season we suggested some wine and food pairings based on what we were seeing in Paris restaurants. The sun is shining, and we are all trying to eat lighter fare so we can squeeze into those swimsuits. But duck, pork, steak, burgers and foie gras remain on the menus in Paris no matter the time of year—it’s all a matter of finding a more seasonal way to enjoy them.

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A picture of Marily Monroe from Tilar Mazzeo's book on Chanel No. 5.

On Champagne, Chanel No. 5 and Paris Luxury

Author Tilar Mazzeo is a connoisseur of Paris luxury who has written best sellers about two of her favorites: champagne (The Widow Clicquot) and perfume (The Secret of Chanel No. 5). Currently, she is writing a wartime history of the Ritz to be called The Ritz at War: Luxury in Occupied Paris. She confesses that all her work results from an addiction to “the business of beautiful things.”

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2009 Domaine Mittnacht Frères Pinot Gris

Pinot gris is technically the French wine equivalent of pinot grigio, which is widely enjoyed as a cocktail wine among the book club set from Seattle to Saint-Tropez. For many social groups, entertaining […]

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2010 Domaine Roulot Bourgogne Blanc

Domaine Roulot produces some of the most sought-after French wines exhibiting the quintessential qualities of the exalted appellation Meursault. Jean-Marc Roulot’s style is bright and chiseled […]

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