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Three Paris Wine Bars for Summer

There is seemingly no end to enticing Paris wine bars where you can find not only interesting, natural or….

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White wines from Bordeaux

French Wine Tasting

France is home to many award-winning wine regions, and luckily Paris has many places to drink wine as well as learn about it. Paris wine bars are a must on any itinerary to the City of Light, but if you want to do more than just sip unknown names, take a class to enhance your knowledge. The subject of wine is one that I don’t think you can ever fully master since there’s so much to know, but I will say that all classes are not created equal.

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My Guide to St. Emilion and Surrounds

Its summer, finally, and high time to head to the countryside. St. Emilion is a must see medieval village, a Unesco World Heritage site…

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Michelin Star Cordeillan Bages

Lucky for me, my friend Tristaine who worked with me back in 2011 is now the head of marketing and PR for….

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