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Paris Gifts: La Belle-Iloise

The boulevard Saint-Germain is quite the bling-bling area, but if you’re looking for quirky yet practical Paris gifts that won’t break the bank […]

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Paris Dining: Bululú Arepera

So Paris has discovered street food. And none too soon. Paris dining options have expanded further with more eating spots […]

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Paris Dining: Caluc

Parisians and tourists are all too familiar with crêpes and galettes from Brittany; indeed the Paris dining scene is […]

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Things to Do in Paris: Vivian Maier Photography Exhibition

Life is sometimes stranger than fiction. The art world sat up when in 2009 the existence and works of Vivian Maier were discovered. A documentary has been made about the life of this maverick, but until then […]

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Paris Dining: Top Three Baguettes

What can be more iconic of Paris than the baguette? From a buttered slice at breakfast to a sandwich jambon beurre and the ubiquitous bread basket found on practically every dining table, Paris dining seems […]

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Paris Dining: Les Pipelettes

The 14th Arrondissement tends to fall off the Paris dining map, with the 9th, 10th, 11th or the 17th and 18th up north grabbing all the attention with new openings. But it is a charming district just a hop away from the […]

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Paris restaurants: The owner’s quirky vintage collection dots Epicerie Musicale

Paris Restaurants: Epicerie Musicale

Epicerie Musicale had me even before I pushed open its door. Walking down the quai de Valmy looking for it, I heard groovy soul music wafting out of a door. Of the numerous Paris restaurants in the Canal Saint […]

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What to Do in Paris: 104

If you’ve ever wondered what to do in Paris when you’re tired of the big museums but wish to take in a small exhibition or art installation, or watch a performance in a chilled place with a youthful vibe, cultural […]

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Where to Eat in Paris: Rue du Nil

When was the last time you ventured to the rue du Nil in the 2nd Arrondissement? Ages ago because you’ve given up trying to score a table at Frenchie? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would […]

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What to Do in Paris: Félix Vallotton at the Grand Palais

If you’re wondering what to do in Paris, the city is flush with exhibitions between now and the end of the year, among which Félix Vallotton: Le feu sous la glace, at the Grand Palais, should not be missed.

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Shopping in Paris: panettone at Causses

Shopping in Paris: Causses

You realize immediately that there’s something different about Causses: it’s the clean, black-and-white design that looks more New York than Paris. Shopping in Paris with…

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Paris cooking classes: Cordon Bleu demo

Paris Cooking Classes: Le Cordon Bleu

Each year, this legendary school churns out hundreds of pastry and cuisine students who flock here from all corners of the globe to obtain the famous Cordon Bleu diplôme. Actually, aside from its classic diplôme, le Cordon Bleu also offers other, shorter courses, such as a wine and management program, an Hautes Etudes du Goût program and a panoply of ateliers and […]

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What to do in Paris: Hiroshi Sugimoto’s interpretation of The Love Suicides at Sonezaki

What to Do in Paris: Festival d’Automne 2013

Now that everyone’s settled in nicely after the hustle and bustle of la rentrée, what to do in Paris between now and Christmas Festival d’Automne will fill up your agenda nicely, right until January 12, 2014. The annual […]

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Paris restaurants: Ma Kitchen interior

Paris Restaurants: Ma Kitchen

There is no lack of eateries in the rue du Faubourg Poissonnière quartier. The street itself is a long row of bistros (notably Richer and Albion) and cozy sandwich joints, as well as Big Fernand and Little Fernand […]

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Paris cafés: food at Ten Belles

Paris Cafés: Ten Belles

It used to be that finding good coffee in Paris cafés was like hitting the jackpot: when you found one, you’d want to hug the stranger next to you and run into the street, shouting out for all within earshot that here, here was decent coffee to be found! You might even have come to lower your standards and accept the baffling phenomenon of bad coffee in Paris as a fait accompli. It’s as if Paris cafés are places to see and be seen, dawdle over your paper, catch up with your girlfriend—but you mustn’t pay attention to what’s actually in your cup.

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