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Top Spots for Paris Nightlife, Part II

Located beside the beautiful river Seine, this indoor-outdoor space serves as a multipurpose venue that is open during […]

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Rasputin, a nightclub in Paris

The Cool Clubs in Paris

In Paris there is a club for everyone. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, there is nightlife for you! I did some exploring and testing, and here is a compilation—the best of the best—of what I found. My advice? Bring your wallet and don’t leave your house before midnight to go out (unless you want a free entry at Mix Club on Thursday night). What better way to prepare for holiday festivities than to read up on some of the best nightlife spots? If you’re excited for New Year’s, perhaps you’ll find yourself at one of these hot clubs in Paris, dancing the night away as the clock strikes midnight!

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