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Shopping: Rue Etienne Marcel

When I first moved to the Montorgueil quartier, I only had eyes for rue Montorgueil….

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Paris tours: Café des Deux Moulins in Montmartre

Paris Tours: Unbeatable Attractions in the 18th

The 18th is one of the largest arrondissements of Paris, from the seemingly endless hills and stairs of Montmartre to the vibrant North African neighborhood known

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Paris must-do: Miss Cupcake in the Marais

Paris Must-See Neighborhood: Girls’ Day Out in the Marais

With a variety of chocolatiers, lingerie shops and charming cafés, it’s no surprise that Paris is a city that awakens the feminine spirit. One quartier that appeals to

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Guide to Paris: beautiful antiques at the brocantes

Guide to Paris Treasure Hunting

One of the charms of browsing the secondhand dealers in Paris is the thrill of the unexpected. Landing eyes on an item that evokes pleasant memories, or that taunts with promises of fitting a spot or filling a need perfectly, clutches the shopper’s heart—and wallet. As someone who has written a guide to Paris markets, I’ve learned that antiques, brocante and vintage are an important part of the Paris shopping experience.

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April in Paris

Paris fashion in April: ’tis the season of soon-to-be color, when the City of Light begins to bloom into a cherry-blossom capital.

This metro monochrome outfit with a pop of color translates well in this vibrant time. The weather in April can still be a bit brisk, but the little green buds everywhere hint […]

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Shopping, Sweets and Sights

When I first moved here, Paris had the three s’s: shopping, sweets and sights. After six years, nothing has changed.

My favorite kind of shopping in Paris is vintage. It’s affordable and, most important, it’s fun! One of the best neighborhoods for thrifting is the Marais. It’s full of little shops like Coiffeur and Noir Kennedy, which are two of my favorites.

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