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Isaac Reina, a shop in Paris

Amy’s Picks for the Best of Paris Shopping

With the recent arrival of spring, Paris’s shopwindows are filled with bright creations, full of that special je ne sais quoi mix of mystery, refinement, flair and originality that’s oh so Parisian. No trip to Paris is complete without doing some Paris shopping, and the spring/summer season is proving to look very promising.

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Left Bank Scooters will get you on a vespa and scootering through Paris

Great Scoot! Touring Paris at 30 Kilometers an Hour

Of course, the best way to take a tour of Paris is by walking. Only by foot can you really appreciate the pageantry of the display windows at Printemps; only by strolling can you slide coy glances at beaux brokers on their lunch hour. The problem with Paris, though, is that there’s just so much to see, and if you’re too short on time (or too high of heel), the most stylish solution is to hop on a Vespa.

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