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Paris Restaurants: Soul Kitchen

When it comes to Paris restaurants, if you’re vegetarian, or simply prefer eating a plant-based diet, sometimes it feels like the options are hard to come by. At best, you can hope for a meatless chèvre chaud at a […]

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Paris restaurants: Gentle Gourmet Café chocolate tart

Paris Restaurants: Gentle Gourmet Café

From the outside, Gentle Gourmet Café, near the Gare de Lyon, looks like one of many modern Paris restaurants/cafés. But if you look closely at the menu on the window, you will see some classic dishes […]

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Culinary Cool: Paris Restaurants with Vegan Appeal

A new wave has rolled onto the Parisian culinary landscape, born as if by miracle from the carnivorous miasma of foie gras, escargots and tête de veau. Plant-based foods—yes, those humble and familiar […]

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Paris restaurants: Ma Kitchen interior

Paris Restaurants: Ma Kitchen

There is no lack of eateries in the rue du Faubourg Poissonnière quartier. The street itself is a long row of bistros (notably Richer and Albion) and cozy sandwich joints, as well as Big Fernand and Little Fernand […]

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La Cucina di Terresa in Paris

Cooking Lessons in Paris at La Cucina di Terresa

Terresa Murphy’s strength as a teacher and chef comes from her ability to immediately imbue others with the passions essential to her existence: great food, good friends and the places where the two collide. The intoxicating effects of these passions last as long as the lessons learned when one takes cooking lessons in Paris from this extraordinary American expat.

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A few of the self-serve options at Soya

Brunch Goes Bio in Paris Restaurants

The brunch craze has been gaining momentum in Paris restaurants, and the organic, or bio, food movement has not been left out of the trend. Strengthening their alliances with the latest in food fashions, organic ingredients are frequently featured in brunch buffets around the city.

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Vegetarian in Paris

Being a vegetarian in Paris can make you something of an odd entity. Explanations, you may find, are necessary to really underline that you really, truly eat no chicken, fish or—and the French will be shocked at this one—ham.

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After a few weeks of holiday overeating, lunch at this new bento-bakery-canteen seemed like just the ticket. Chef Kaori Endo, whose résumé includes a stint at Rose Bakery, has been garnering praise for her light and colorful Japanese-inflected food, and bobos and fashion types have been filling the tables […]

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Bob’s Kitchen

First, there are the juices. The mash-up of watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, lemon, strawberry and mint sounded more like a grocery list than a recipe for goodness, but my taste buds (and nagging cold) thanked me after my first sip through the bendy straw. I shouldn’t have been skeptical. This is the Bob behind Bob’s Juice Bar, whose name isn’t Bob at all (it’s Marc Grossman). The man knows a thing or two about juice.

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Pommes à la Dauphinoise

France has at least as many potato dishes as there are days of the year. Pommes à la dauphinoise, or gratin dauphinois, is both one of the simplest and one of the tastiest. Traditionally it’s baked in a shallow gratin dish rubbed with garlic, but I like the […]

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At Bob's Juice Bar, in the 3rd Arrondissement, detoxing never tasted so good.

Staying Fit and Healthy in Paris

At first appearances it would seem impossible to keep fit in Paris—there are so many exquisite, edible temptations on every street. My own street features…

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