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Paris restaurants: Gentle Gourmet Café chocolate tart

Paris Restaurants: Gentle Gourmet Café

From the outside, Gentle Gourmet Café, near the Gare de Lyon, looks like one of many modern Paris restaurants/cafés. But if you look closely at the menu on the window, you will see some classic dishes […]

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Culinary Cool: Paris Restaurants with Vegan Appeal

A new wave has rolled onto the Parisian culinary landscape, born as if by miracle from the carnivorous miasma of foie gras, escargots and tête de veau. Plant-based foods—yes, those humble and familiar […]

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Vegetarian in Paris

Being a vegetarian in Paris can make you something of an odd entity. Explanations, you may find, are necessary to really underline that you really, truly eat no chicken, fish or—and the French will be shocked at this one—ham.

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Vegan Paris: Sol Semilla

After having had the whole « boho Parisian » trend and the overplayed mojitos shoved down our throats, it’s nice…

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