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The Travel Club

When I go to Paris, I like to be treated like a VIP, but I don’t like to pay for it. Call me cheap, but isn’t it divine to feel like a princess? Now don’t get me wrong: I enjoy picking up the tab for a friend at a restaurant, but when it comes to hotel rates, apartment rentals or that new blouse, I love a bargain. Maybe it’s those tag sale weekends I spent with my mom while growing up in Nebraska. Anyone can pay full price for something, but it’s the savvy gal who is able to strike the deal on that vintage Hermès shirt. And that was the idea behind our newly created circle of friends, the Girls’ Guide to Paris Travel Club: value meets VIP treatment.

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An apartment from A la Carte Paris

The Paris Apartment Rental Scene: A la Carte Paris

What do you look for in a Paris apartment rental? A lot of our readers have become savvy and are renting apartments rather than hotels for their stays in Paris. Let’s face it: it’s cheaper and much, much roomier. But there are a myriad of companies, so how do you find a good one, one that is reputable and has wonderful places available but won’t charge you through the nose?

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