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La Fermette for cheese in Paris

Uniquely French Gifts

Finding charming French gifts for a local French host or for overseas family and friends can be a challenge. To ease the angst of gift shopping in Paris, I’ve scoured the city, taken advantage of free samples, dropped some cash, and, most important, taken note whenever hearing a French person enthuse about something. (Spoiler alert: that something is usually either chocolaty or smelly.) Anything edible and described as hallucinant (mind blowing, or what appears to be “hallucination inducing”) is a must-have.

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Alliance Française

Talk the Talk: Learning French in Paris

Lessons to Jive with Your Schedule and Your Wallet

It’s well known and tested that we can survive in Paris without learning French, but

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The artist in her workshop in the back of the store

Zor Creations: Local Authentic Parisian Jewelry

Ablaze with color and zest, the tantalizing window display of Zor Creations challenges anyone to walk past this Parisian jewelry shop without stopping in. I was rushing to a massage appointment in the 2nd Arrondissement when I first spotted the Zor storefront. Immediately after my session, I dashed out onto the street and found my way back to this dazzling shop to see what it was all about.

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The Ultimate Coming-to-Paris Book: An Interview with Author Stephen Clarke

Meet Paul West, the hero among heroes in books about Paris. At first a naive foreigner who lands in Paris with imperfect French and British ideals, gets cut while waiting in line, is snapped at by Parisian waitstaff and is ensnared by dog merde on the street, he eventually discovers how to fit in with—and occasionally one-up—his French neighbors.

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Fort National at Saint-Malo

Weekend Getaway in Seaside Saint-Malo

You may be hesitant to spend your precious vacation time visiting Saint-Malo, in the notoriously rainy region of Brittany, while your French friends are quick to head straight to the sunny south of France, but this beautiful walled city has enough renowned food and drink, stunning panoramas, thrilling history and even sunny days to make it an attractive excursion. After seeing friends’ photos of the turquoise and emerald coast, I coaxed my French boyfriend into spending a long holiday weekend out west.

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