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Top Spots for Paris Nightlife, Part II

Located beside the beautiful river Seine, this indoor-outdoor space serves as a multipurpose venue that is open during […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Paris

These must-do’s are not found on your typical list of things to do in Paris. They are my own personal picks, filled with […]

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Paris Top Five: European Getaways

As the winter ski holidays end and spring break looms ahead, Parisians have only one thing on their minds—make plans for the long weekends in May, all three of them! Much of Europe is just a short flight or train ride […]

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Top Five Paris Wine Bars

Paris wine bars have been a neighborhood tradition since the 18th century when coach stops provided food and drink to exhausted riders while caring for their horses. That countryside was enveloped by the city […]

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Top Five Tips for Decorating with Paris Style: Luxe for Less

1. Hit the auctions. Drouot has auctions for every price level. Go to its Montmartre location for the best deals. I got this armoire, and another one, and a clock, for only 600 euros, and found a guy that day to […]

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The Top Five Spas in Paris

It’s January. The holidays are over, and everyone is exhausted and a bit worse for wear. The low temperatures and gray skies don’t help either. Fortunately, this is Paris, the city that invented luxury. Finding a […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Paris on the Ile Saint-Louis

Choosing the top five things to do in Paris on the Ile Saint-Louis is not any easy task, but here it goes. 1. Lick some ice cream. Berthillon is of course the purveyor of seriously good and very famous ice cream.

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Top Five Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Romance is a part of Parisian culture, and locals and tourists alike show no shame in expressing their love in public. With that in mind, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, this list of the top five […]

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Paris Secrets: Top Five Unexpected Sights

Anytime you think you know this city, you should think again. Every alley, park and courtyard hides a ville that is all its own. Just try searching out a few Paris secrets; here are five to get you started.

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Paris shopping: Un Dimanche à Paris

Paris Shopping: Top Five Concept Stores

In 1863 Aristide Boucicaut introduced the world to the concept of the department store with le Bon Marché and changed shopping forever. Nearly 125 years later, Colette Lerfel and her daughter Sarah […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Bordeaux

Most people I know, myself included, like info in small, digestible bites, because we are all overwhelmed with information these days. This is why we’ve started running a top five list every Tuesday on the […]

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Shopping in Paris: Top Five Beauty Products

Crème de la Mer sounds oh so French, but it’s not, and Estée Lauder wasn’t a Parisienne. A lot of the world’s cosmetic brands try to sound French for a very good reason: the French understand beauty like no one else […]

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Top Five Paris Secrets

This is a city with endless hidden treasures, but which are most intriguing? Here are my current five favorite Paris secrets.

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Paris souvenirs: sweet treats at A la Mère de Famille

Paris Souvenirs: Top Five Things to Bring Home from Paris

The choice of Paris souvenirs is as personal as the memories they embody. Some women keep cocktail napkins, other girls have to […]

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Paris secrets: Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

Paris Secrets: Top Five Hidden Paris Places

Everyone has a favorite Paris secret—a small pleasure, a private place or a special discovery. Here are my five choices for the city’s best hidden haunt.
1. Albert Kahn’s Gardens, 10–14, rue du Port […]

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