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Paris for Teenagers: A Street Art Exhibition

Paris. It sounds so tempting, but when you have teens, holiday planning can get complicated, especially when your heartstrings are being pulled toward a sophisticated city of museums and fine dining and your teen just wants to have fun. Figuring out an itinerary in Paris for teenagers is an extra challenge on a rainy day, especially when they claim to have seen enough art to last them until adulthood.

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Paris Beauty: A Mother-Daughter Makeover in Paris

Since moving to Paris, I’ve gotten older, and my sweet, cuddly five-year-old is now a mature teen. It’s funny how that happens. With the passage of time, my skin has changed, and my daughter has gone from playing dress-up to wearing makeup. This fall I realized we both could use a professional makeover to learn some Paris beauty tips that would help us deal with our perfectly aged selves. It was settled, and we both agreed that a makeover in Paris was in order.

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Teens in Paris

People are often looking for great things to do with teens in Paris, and last week I stumbled upon a fantastic address for just about any teen: Le Laboratoire, near Les Halles. Founded by the Harvard scientist David Edwards, with partners across the globe, Le Lab is a place where art and design meet science. It might sound strange—the idea of taking your teen to a science lab on vacation—but this one is like no other.

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