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French wines: Château Doisy-Daëne Sauternes 2007

French Wines: Château Doisy-Daëne Sauternes 2007

With the propensity of les Français to pair their wonderful French wines with their delectable cuisine, is the so-called French paradox really a myth? I’m referring to the observation that the rate of coronary heart […]

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French recipes: Granny Smith apples for a tarte tatin

French Recipes: Tarte Tatin

I like the idea that there are no mistakes in life since you can always learn something from your foibles, and a new path can often be a better one. I’m not so sure this theory is always true when it comes to […]

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Jeu de Quilles

Ever since my friend relocated to the 14th Arrondissement, he’s been telling me we should eat at Jeu de Quilles. I wish we’d gone sooner.

It’s the kind of space that never fails to charm me. At the front of the bright little room are shelves lined with conserves and condiments, a tiny épicerie that is also chef Benoît Reix’s pantry. He stands behind the kitchen counter at the back, in plain view of the 18 or so seats, chatting with customers and turning out fantastic food.

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