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Franco Files: Jewish Paris

About twice a year I get an email from a concerned, distant relative. The subject line will read, “Is it really that bad?” or “Come home, we’re worried about you!” But the contents never vary. It is a hateful, inaccurate diatribe about anti-Semitism in France, and about being Jewish in Paris, that has been circulating for nearly a decade. I repeat, inaccurate.

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Another Jewish Paris

Talk of Jewish Paris inevitably conjures up visions of the Marais, a trendy area located in the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements of the city. The Guimard Synagogue on the rue Pavée (open to the public on special occasions), the increasingly posh rue des Rosiers and pastries from Sacha Finkelsztajn are among the must-do’s for visitors to the quartier. But few realize that there is another Jewish enclave, in the city’s 9th Arrondissement, that merits a visit just as much as its famous Marais counterpart.

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