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Shopping in Paris: A Made-in-France Christmas

The Christmas spirit comes early to Paris and is marked by the arrival of vin chaud and roasted chestnuts in the streets and corner cafés. Strands of lights decorating the city’s avenues add to the festive feeling and inspire one to embrace the holiday season. Christmas is a great excuse to do some shopping in Paris. The avid Francophile will be happy to find a handful of Paris boutiques that specialize in products of French origin that make great souvenirs and gifts for family and friends.

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Cups, la Vaissellerie

Purely Paris: Gifts for a Girly Christmas

Come Noël, finding Paris gifts becomes a seasonal sport. The hard part is choosing between all the ideas on offer. This year, there is a deluge of girly delights. Not to say it isn’t enjoyable shopping for your man.

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Purely Paris: Jams Better Than the Best Patisseries

Lise Bienaimé runs La Chambre aux Confitures, a closet-sized boutique whose name she translates as “the boudoir of jams.” Lise’s own last name means “beloved,”

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10 Tips to Perfect Your Paris Trip

It’s hard not to love Paris, but it takes time to feel comfortable. The sense of cultural collision may be strong and jet lag or fatigue makes things worse. So, here are 10 ways to raise your comfort level. When you plan a Paris trip, add these to your basic tips.

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Purely Paris: Tsé & Tsé’s Style with Surprises

From silk scarves and paper vases to porcelain dishes and fairy lights, Tsé & Tsé Associates creates unique pleasures and treasures. The company is the baby of Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois, two spirited talents who met as students. At l’Ecole nationale supérieure de création industrielle, they designed a collection of rubber jewelry together and realized they complemented one another. After graduation they cofounded Tsé & Tsé, then produced a show that stunned the Parisian style pundits.

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Paris postcards at the boquinistes along the Seine

Paris Travel: The Beauty of Postcards

I’m an enthusiastic proponent of postcards. More than e-mail, less than letters, they’re a perfect way to let loved ones back home know you’re thinking about them during your travels. I can’t decide which I like better: carefully crafting a succinct, thoughtful message to send, or receiving someone else’s sentiments in my mailbox. On your Paris travels, be sure to pick up a carte postale or 2, or 17, to tell your friends and family: Wish you were here.

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Plastiques is the perfect stop for Paris souvenirs

Purely Paris: Perfect Souvenirs—All Packable!

Here, every resident expects constant visitors and part of keeping them happy is to meet expectations. Since their trips are always special, their Paris souvenirs must be perfect.

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Jewelry from Anne Maisonneuve is a great souvenir gift from Paris

Parisian Souvenirs: Light on Your Wallet, Light on Your Luggage

So much shopping, so little time, so many euros! While there are ways to cut corners on your Parisian vacation, there’s no denying that a visit to the City of Light can be tough on your wallet. All the same, you’ll want to go home with some small treasures, preferably ones that won’t require an advance on your credit card. And with the airlines increasingly cutting back on luggage allowances, something light in weight makes perfect sense as well. Here are a few ideas for unforgettable Parisian souvenirs (gifts for a friend or for yourself!) that are both light on your wallet and on your luggage.

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A "bird's nest" lamp from Storie, a unique boutique in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris

The Best-Kept Boutique Secret in Paris

With all the famous Paris shops and avenues, it’s hard to know where to find something unique. Where does one go for the off-the-beaten-path treasures? Over time some friends have shared their secret locations with me, places they love and can’t live without, and I’m proud to say that I now have my own! While most of my friends prefer to keep their shops to themselves to avoid throngs of people stealing their “it” dresses, shoes and decorative pieces, I can’t wait to tell you about my place.

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A few of the antiques at the brocantes and vide-greniers of Paris

Junk in the Trunk: A Guide to Paris Antiques, Brocantes and Vide-Greniers

So you’ve come to Paris, land of refinement and taste, of history and style, and you want to bring back a piece of that ephemeral old beauty with you. But in your search for souvenirs, the gap is wide between the cheap, dime-a-dozen Eiffel Tower replicas hawked by sellers on the street and the expensive wares of specialty boutiques. Wine is always great but seems so obvious, and it’s difficult to get home (and then there’s always the possibility that you’ll drink it before you get there). If you’re looking for a truly unique souvenir for yourself or loved ones back home, you don’t have to spend a fortune, and you don’t have to buy an ill-fitting “J’aime Paris” T-shirt. Parisians treasure heritage and objects built to last (and last beautifully), and the city boasts a wide and stunning variety of oddities and worldly gems. The Paris antiques at vide-greniers and brocantes are some of the best souvenirs that I and my (chicly) slim wallet have found during our travels.

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