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The Best French Tours

So you’ve decided to come to Paris but want to see another part of France, too. People often ask me where to go. No harder question could be[…]

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Top Five New Hotels in Paris

For the Artist and Fashionista
The Edgar hotel and its very popular restaurant are located a short walk from the much-loved rue Montorgueil in the 2nd Arrondissement. This […]

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The Most Luxurious Things to Do in Paris

It’s about time you treated yourself, and we have the perfect itinerary of the best things to do in Paris for a truly luxe visit to the city. With the gg2p GO-Card, you’ll save money at some of the city’s most exclusive […]

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Things to Do in Paris: Exploring Montmartre

Paris can be overwhelming to first-time and seasoned visitors alike. The city has so much to offer, it can be hard to know where to start. Let your new GO-Card be your guide! Hop from partner to partner with this […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Bordeaux

Most people I know, myself included, like info in small, digestible bites, because we are all overwhelmed with information these days. This is why we’ve started running a top five list every Tuesday on the […]

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Touring the South of France: The Hills of Provence

Paris is a hop, skip and train ride away from many fabulous destinations within France for a day or weekend trip. The south of France has always been one of my favorites. It has an almost mythical quality, with […]

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Day Trips from Paris: A Royal Stay at Versailles

Paris is a great and wonderful city to call home. But every now and then a girl needs a little green, something more than the city’s elegant parks with their “Keep off the grass” signs. While most visitors think of […]

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hotels in Francd: Taylor Hotel

Affordable Boutique Hotels in France

When staying at hotels in France, there is no reason to break the bank whether you’re visiting Paris or another part of the country. Here is a selection of affordable yet stylish places to hang your head for a night or two.

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Guide to Paris: l'Hôtel

A Guide to Paris for Literature Lovers

Paris: the city that has inspired artists, writers, musicians, photographers and filmmakers for centuries. And within minutes of wandering […]

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The Grand Palais from the Ferris wheel in Paris

The Legend: One of the Dreamier Hotels in Paris

Shiny and modern, the Legend is a really lovely hotel in Paris, so I was happy to call it my home for a few sparkly Christmas days in the City of Light. I was greeted by an elegant and enchanting decor featuring clever owl lamps, artful tree branches, minilights and friendly front desk staff who appeased me by letting me practice my French skills.

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Affordable Paris Hotels and Hostels for Summer 2013

Planning for the summer holiday is currently on the agenda for so many of us, including students who have recently graduated from college, and the big question is how to do Paris without breaking the bank. If you don’t have a friend’s couch to crash on, hostels remain a good choice, as do a number of great new affordable Paris hotels.

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Boutique Paris hotels: Hotel Pont Royal

Boutique Paris Hotels, Part II

Although there’s no shortage of gorgeous and accommodating Paris hotels to choose from, sometimes nothing beats the personalized service and niche novelty of a truly special boutique hotel. Luckily, there’s also no shortage of those in Paris. No matter what your style or budget is, these Paris hotels are sure to make your stay a memorable one.

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Hôtel Verneuil, a boutique Paris hotel

Boutique Paris Hotels, Part I

From hostels to four-star palatial accommodations, Paris hotels offer a wide variety of comfort and affordability. But boutique hotels, with cozy digs and personalized service, are the best way to enjoy Paris these days, and from new to newly renovated, many are showing signs of optimism with fresh pops of color—perfect for getting into the spring spirit. Here are a few of our favorite places to stay in the City of Light.

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Hôtel Original in Paris

Hotels in Paris: Hôtel Original

Not too long ago I was invited to visit the newly decorated, family-run Hôtel Original, and I was, quite genuinely, blown away. I can’t imagine…

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The kitchen renovation for a two-bedroom in the 9th Arrondissement

An Apartment in Paris

Many of us dream of having an apartment in Paris, but making your dreams a reality can be daunting. Even if you know which neighborhood in Paris you want to focus on, the fragmented French real estate market can make finding your home in Paris a formidable task.

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