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Paris tours: the Izraël spice shop in the Marais

Paris Tours: Eye Prefer Paris Girlfriend Tours

Paris is a relatively small metropolis, but it’s stuffed with sights, boutiques and historical landmarks that you could spend your whole life discovering. Though I live here and spend as much time in the Marais as I do in my own neighborhood of the 18th Arrondissement, I know very little about the buildings I so often walk past.

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Bozouls, in the Aveyron

Getaways in the South of France: The Aveyron

I’ve been visiting my sister at her house in the Aveyron for years and recently returned from an exquisite four-day stay. She asked me to come down and help her with her garden, but the pleasure was all mine. This area makes for one of the best getaways in the south of France. It’s an unspoiled, undiscovered central-south region not marred by as many tourist buses as Provence or the Loire. In fact, normally the only tourists you see in the region are French.

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Sightseeing in Paris: The Palais Royal

Last week I was taking visitors sightseeing in Paris when we stumbled upon the Palais Royal, an enclosed garden surrounded by shopping arcades, just across the street from the Louvre. This royal palace was once home to Cardinal Richelieu and then fell into the property of the Orléans family. Louis XIV grew up here, honing his sword-fighting skills in these very gardens. After the civil uprising of la Fronde, which seriously threatened the young king’s power and his life, Louis grew to hate the palace, which inspired his move to Versailles.

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Shopping is fun when you're solo in Paris

Solo in Paris on Sunday: Biking Alone in the City of Light

I love being in Paris solo. That’s not to say that I don’t have a wonderful time when I’m here with my family or friends, or guiding people around, but I think my absolute favorite experience is to have the city all to myself.

I’m staying at a lovely flat rented from Just France in the 7th Arrondissement, near the boulevard Raspail and the organic market that takes place on Sunday mornings. Waking up in the morning, when I want, and deciding what I want to do from moment to moment without consulting others is a guilty pleasure.

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Sightseeing in Paris: Passage Brady

If you’re looking for some original sightseeing in Paris, you’ve probably read all about the passages in Paris. But there is one passage that deserves our undivided attention, because it is truly one of a kind.

The Passage Brady is near the Château d’Eau metro stop, between the rue du Faubourg St.-Martin and the rue du Faubourg St.-Denis. The term faubourg means “suburb,” and a quick glance at the large stone archway at the end of the Faubourg St.-Denis confirms that you are in what was once a suburb of Paris. A very colorful, lively suburb that is full of locals from across the globe.

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Put away your heels, don some sneakers and go running in Paris

Paris Passions: Running

I often suggest that visitors pursue their passions when looking for things to do in Paris. This is a no-brainer for foodies and fashionistas, since those interests are both woven into the very fabric of this city. This is not necessarily the case for those of us in love with other activities, like perhaps… running. But even some of the trendiest, most fashionable Parisiennes put away their 10-centimeter heels to go running in Paris every now and again.

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Six Sweet Spots: Parisian Tea Salons to Savor

Let’s face it: sightseeing, even under the best of conditions, is hard work. So make sure when you’re planning your days in Paris that you set aside time for a bit of repose between boutiques, museums and other sights. And what better place than a Parisian tea salon? Morning or afternoon, these spots are the perfect place to regroup, rehydrate and reinvigorate yourself for more of what Paris has to offer. Our list passes by the big names, like Ladurée and Mariage Frères, and instead suggests half a dozen special places in different neighborhoods around town.

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Shopping, Sweets and Sights

When I first moved here, Paris had the three s’s: shopping, sweets and sights. After six years, nothing has changed.

My favorite kind of shopping in Paris is vintage. It’s affordable and, most important, it’s fun! One of the best neighborhoods for thrifting is the Marais. It’s full of little shops like Coiffeur and Noir Kennedy, which are two of my favorites.

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The Eiffel Tower: Friend or Foe?

Before last Christmas, the Paris auction house Drouot celebrated with a sale it dubbed “Paris, Mon Amour.” The centerpiece was 251/2 feet of the Eiffel…

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Seattle’s French Underground

Seattle is 5,000 miles from Paris, yet its Francophone roots run deep. Until 1849 most residents in the Seattle region spoke only one European language:…

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