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Shopping in Paris: Falling in Love at Mauboussin

Paris is a city that is characterized as both the most romantic and the most fashionable in the world. Each year, the city accommodates millions of visitors eager to experience the magic for themselves. While […]

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Shopping in Paris: Top Five Market Streets

In Paris there are street markets and market streets. Understanding that there is a difference can be confusing. Street markets are what the French call marchés, which are often translated into roving markets or […]

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Shopping in Paris: Dior

Paris Fashion Week inspires some sensational shopping in Paris. The fashion shows themselves are exclusive events reserved for press, celebrities and buyers. Last week, there was a spectacular show in the romantic […]

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Shopping in Paris: panettone at Causses

Shopping in Paris: Causses

You realize immediately that there’s something different about Causses: it’s the clean, black-and-white design that looks more New York than Paris. Shopping in Paris with…

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Paris Shopping: Jewelry by Delphine Pariente

Shopping in Paris for personalized jewelry at an affordable price can be difficult, but we’ve found the perfect solution in the designs of […]

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Shopping in Paris: stingray clutch by Perrin

Perrin: Shopping in Paris for the Perfect Clutch

Perrin‘s showroom-boutique is hidden away in a lovely, characteristically Parisian courtyard behind the gardens of the Palais Royal. So wonderful and peaceful, yet right in the heart of the city, it’s a very special find when shopping in Paris.

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Paris shopping at Lafayette Gourmet: the seafood display is stunning!

La Grande Epicerie: The Finest Food Shopping in Paris

With his creation in 1852 of the first department store, le Bon Marché, Aristide Boucicaut ensured that shopping in Paris was leading the world. In 1923 the store took up residence in its fabulously elegant building at the corner of rue de Sèvres and rue du Bac. It is a huge treat to visit, and along with places like Marshall Field’s in Chicago, was part of the early-19th-century revolution in grand stores.

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Cheat at Shopping in Paris and Dress Like a Parisienne for Less

Since the first day that I arrived in Paris, I have desperately coveted the art of dressing like the French. Believing that a chic wardrobe stocked with elegant Chloé dresses and classy Sonia Rykiel staples was way out of my price range, my shopping in Paris was limited to finding high street imitations. Little did I know, however, that all this was set to change, and that it really is possible to look like a true Parisienne, but for less!

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For the Kids

Agnès B Enfant 13, rue de Marseille, in the 10th, on the canal St.-Martin. 01 42 06 66 58. See website for more locations. Lovely…

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Signs of Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris has finally come and sunshine highlights the city of Paris and its beautiful views. This is the perfect time to visit the city of light…

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