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French Fashion: Scandalously Sexy Shoes

CFM shoes? What are CFM shoes? I mean, I get that we’re talking killer, sexy pumps, but I’ve….

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Zalando: Online Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris from home? Yes, please! I’ve always been a fan of online shopping—you can relax from your couch in your sweats, with a glass of wine, and find fantastic pieces without the pain of staring at yourself in the mirror and realizing you should really be at the gym and not be trying on jeans. My new favorite online store is Zalando, a UK-based company that offers […]

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Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris

Originating in Scotland, brogues have been adopted by Parisian women for me to see all over the streets of Paris. Almost a Paris fashion uniform…

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Paris Fashion: Rive Gauche Shoes by Thomas Lieuvin

Graphic, colorful, feminine—the shoes of Thomas Lieuvin are designed for women who love the 1970s, the Rive Gauche, Paris fashion and modern art. The design is in the middle of retro and modernity, very minimalist and ultraelegant. The shoes are made especially for women who are comfortable in their bodies, in their time, and who are confident when wearing colors.

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Paris Shoes and Bags: The ABCs of the Fall/Winter Season

The Word on Shoes and Bags

The best Paris shoes and bags will reinvent your look for the season. From the baroque to the classical, the world of shoes and bags this year is defined by deep colors and luxurious surfaces, from platforms to pumps with decorated heels or open toes. Fall usually promises a selection of boots in a range from the horsey to the street rocker and something between. There is something for everyone: high heels, platforms, flats, boots, wedges, pumps, sandals and equestrienne riding boots or ultimate ballet flats. Just be sure to watch the proportions of the boots, and make sure they are working with your overall look. The leg was the focus of all the fall collections, so be sure to add the right hose, black matte, patterned fishnets, nude hose or colors to accent your shoes. The new black sheer footless hose is going to be the sexy add-on to this fall’s leg looks. Rain or shine, your shoes this season are the defining moment that takes your basics to the next level. Indulging in one or two trends will update your look and help you clean out the closet for this year. Take a look at these designers and remember that everyone will be inspired by them, so you’ll see something you like that matches your budget at every level.

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Seen on the Streets of Paris: Party Shoes

Most of us know that when it comes to partying into the New Year, shoes are going to make or break an outfit but also determine how long we stay standing. I went around Paris picking out some of the most gorgeous shoes that are actually being worn every day, from flat to high, bright to classic. No need to compromise—thanks to Paris street fashion, here I found beauty and comfort all in one.

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Black Patent Leather for Spring

We remember when patent leather was reserved for spring and summer, from dressing up for Easter in classic mary janes to graduating to strapless pumps as we navigated our way through high school (making sure the heel heights did not have us towering over our dates, of course!).

Now patent leather can be worn any season. Still, we’re feeling nostalgic, and patent is so fresh for spring!

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Booties, a summer fashion trend in Paris

Paris Summer Trends: Booties and Blazers

Upon my arrival in Paris, thanks to all the incredibly chic French women, I immediately noticed all the wardrobe essentials I had somehow been living without. All the Parisiennes strolling the streets were, of course, clad in the latest Paris summer trends. I realized my summer simply would not be completely chic without the perfect blazer and pair of booties so effortlessly donned by all these French women.

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Sparkly Pumps and Purses

The holiday soirées are sadly coming to an end, but we have found the perfect accessories to liven up your same old go-to little black dress in the new year! Jazz yourself up with these sparkly selections from, and you can wear that timeless LBD again and again. Below are our picks for the fabulous shoes and clutches that are sure to spruce up your favorite LBD and have you looking more fashionable and chic—in true Parisienne style—than ever in 2012.

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Timeless Chic

I’m with my beau in the very traditional luxury boutique Hartwood, on the rue du Bac. We’ve come in to have a closer look at…

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Where to Shop in Montmartre

The disorienting maze of streets winding around La Butte Montmartre is home to many a unique boutique—you just need to know where to look. Sidestep…

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