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Summer in Paris: Boho-Chic on the Beach

Who says it’s the fashion to leave Paris in August? You can certainly take advantage of the city, which even in these lazy days is bursting with concerts, film festivals and other cultural happenings […]

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Audience participation at Paris Plages

Paris Attractions: A Perfect Beach, Perfectly Free of Charge

When it comes to unique outings, it’s hard to beat this city. Now that it’s summer, the great Paris attraction is a man-made beach along a roadway by the Seine. Since late July, le Paris Plage has unwound along three kilometers between the Louvre and the Pont de Sully. At first, a humid stroll along tarmac didn’t sound like fun—but a single visit radically changed my view.

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Ze Kitchen Galerie

Ze Kitchen Galerie is a restaurant that I avoided for many years for one simple and superficial reason: that name is stupid. The faux-French pronunciation . . . the dual-purpose (food/art) pretension . . . I can barely think about it without rolling my eyes.

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