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French Wines: Françoise Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre Brut Champagne

What French wines best describe you? For me, it’s champagne. It’s not that I have such a sparkling, bubbly personality; rather, I’m always ready to celebrate any occasion but typically disappear before the […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Crabe Marteau

Paris restaurants can often take themselves a little too seriously. Service can go from brusque to white gloved. Dining rooms can feel stiff or cramped, and plates can seem too artfully crafted to eat. So sometimes it’s […]

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French Recipes: Salmon Mousse

You can always find a generous selection of seafood in Paris. Most larger marchés will have a range of fish from which to choose, and grocery stores also stock everything from white fish to shrimp, scallops and […]

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Paris Restaurants: Pottoka

Last week I had a date with Kate, a friend who lives between Paris and Texas. Kate can cook and has a much better handle on Paris restaurants than I do, so I let her choose where we’d meet. She chose Abri, which […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Laurent

Today the Champs Elysées seems to be nothing more than international chain stores and crowds of tourists, but at the far end of the most famous avenue in the world, there are charming 19th-century […]

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Oysters at la Mercerie Mullot

Paris Restaurants: Mercerie Mullot

Its was a cold, stormy Friday night, and I was just itching for an excuse to get out and play in the snow. A long walk on a winter’s night seemed just the thing, so I got on the phone, hoping that the stormy […]

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Paris restaurants: the head chef at le Cherche Midi

Paris Restaurants: Le Cherche Midi

It is not unusual for a tourist to ask me, “Where do real Parisians eat?” While we do eat at the well-known French foodie joints, a favorite with the locals is world cuisine, which visitors often avoid. Because we eat […]

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2011 William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux

Among French wines, Chablis is and always will be an undisputed classic. Celebrated and admired for its cool-climate austerity and distinctive flinty notes, it is a pure chardonnay experience. But what really […]

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Moules à la Crème

Right around the coast of France you will find plenty of local dishes containing mussels, but moules à la crème is one of the most famous, featuring two of Normandy’s most loved ingredients.

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Ingredients for monkfish and salmon brochettes with tarragon beurre blanc

Monkfish and Salmon Brochettes with Tarragon Beurre Blanc

A quick flip through any cookbook written about French cuisine will reveal generously detailed chapters dedicated to the […]

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Summer Flavors in Paris Restaurants, Part One

With the change of seasons in the City of Light, there’s also a change of flavors on the menus of Paris restaurants. Here’s a sampling of the ingredients du jour and what you can drink with them at home for your own Parisian feast.

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Tartare de saumon

Tartare de Saumon with Piment d’Espelette

Tartare de saumon (salmon tartare) is a great example of a modern classic that features regularly on the menu of Paris bistros.

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French Wines Worthy of Indulgences: Château Pape Clément Blanc 2009

In the Middle Ages, Pope Clément V reformed the Catholic Church’s practice of granting indulgences, in which some priests may have implied that sins could be forgiven for generous contributions […]

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Frédéric Simonin's Technicolor arrangement of veggies: Les Legumes

Frédéric Simonin

Walking into Frédéric Simonin, open less than a month, is a little like getting into a luxury sedan, all black and gray with polished chrome trim, where nothing rattles and the noise of the world is kept out.

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Best restaurants in Paris: Clamato

I’ve never had enough luck to get into Septime, every anglo-phone blogger and it seems everyone else’s favorite restaurant in Paris.

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