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Cheat at Shopping in Paris and Dress Like a Parisienne for Less

Since the first day that I arrived in Paris, I have desperately coveted the art of dressing like the French. Believing that a chic wardrobe stocked with elegant Chloé dresses and classy Sonia Rykiel staples was way out of my price range, my shopping in Paris was limited to finding high street imitations. Little did I know, however, that all this was set to change, and that it really is possible to look like a true Parisienne, but for less!

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A Marcel Marceau outfit sold at auction at one of the Paris auction houses

Alternative Shopping in Paris: Hit the Auctions!

I love shopping in Paris, and some of my favorite places to shop are the local auction houses. Attending a local auction is a unique, culturally rich experience where collectors and art lovers can still find a bargain.

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Winter in Paris

Hordes of tourists flock to Paris in the spring and fall. I certainly can’t fault them—it’s a beautiful time of year. Flat-topped plane and chestnut…

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An essential for the classic French look, a handbag from Céline is a great buy during the soldes in Paris

Les Soldes 2011

The year 2011 has arrived. Excited? Me, too. All I can think about is shopping, shopping, shopping! On January 12, staff will be up extra early to open their shops at 8 a.m., an ungodly hour for a city that doesn’t usually get started until 10 a.m., to reveal some amazing discounts. 

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