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French Wines: Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2010

French wines, like French fashion and cuisine, are best appreciated in their proper seasons. As we approach the summer months, everything wine should be springing up rosés, but what to drink when […]

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French Recipes: Salade Niçoise

Nothing says summer in France to me like a salade Niçoise. The beautifully constructed salad, featuring the best of the farmers’ market, is the ultimate in French recipes and immediately puts me seaside along […]

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MIP Rosé, Domaine Ste.-Lucie, Côtes de Provence 2010

Last weekend, I found myself in a midday dalliance with a flirty Provençal rosé, called MIP, from Domaine Ste.-Lucie. Sure, there had been numerous other French rosés over the years, but I was once again […]

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