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Paris neighborhoods: spices bins at l'Entrepôt de Paris

Paris Neighborhoods: The 2nd Arrondissement

I love heading to the 2nd Arrondissement in Paris when I’m feeling like I’ve lost my compass, and maybe even forgotten why I fell in love with this city. Less gentrified than many of the central Paris neighborhoods, this area is full of banks and businesses, where Parisians live their daily lives somewhat oblivious to tourism and travelers. Which means the international chains have not yet moved in and much of the commerce is locally owned and operated, even if the owner is Japanese or Breton.

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Paris secrets: ZenZoo tea parlor

Paris Secrets: An Afternoon in the Japanese Quarter

In the nest of winding streets between the Palais Royal and Opéra, a batch of Japanese restaurants and businesses unassumingly sprout out of the area’s Haussmannian buildings to form one of the best Paris secrets: a booming Japanese quarter. Not only is the quarter the city’s culinary hub of Japanese cuisine, it also boasts a variety of specialty grocery stores and tea parlors, as well a handful of French cultural attractions such as the quaint Passage Vivienne, the beautiful Palais Royal and the Richelieu branch of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF).

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