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Captivité, by Laurent Pernot.

Paris Art: Let There Be Light

From the Las Vegas Strip to upscale Paris art, neon signs may seem ultra-American. Yet it was the French chemist Georges Claude who created them, at the end of 1910. Claude premiered his glowing tubes at that year’s Paris Automobile and Cycle Show. Two years later, he unveiled the first neon sign—at 14, rue Montmartre, to publicize the hairdressing salon Le Palais Barbier. The Maison Rouge museum is celebrating this centennial with its show “Neon: Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?”

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A few of the self-serve options at Soya

Brunch Goes Bio in Paris Restaurants

The brunch craze has been gaining momentum in Paris restaurants, and the organic, or bio, food movement has not been left out of the trend. Strengthening their alliances with the latest in food fashions, organic ingredients are frequently featured in brunch buffets around the city.

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After a few weeks of holiday overeating, lunch at this new bento-bakery-canteen seemed like just the ticket. Chef Kaori Endo, whose résumé includes a stint at Rose Bakery, has been garnering praise for her light and colorful Japanese-inflected food, and bobos and fashion types have been filling the tables […]

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Le Bal Café

If France and England have a tense history, you wouldn’t know it after eating at Le Bal Café, a new spot where lines of Parisians seem more than happy to scarf down scones, kippers and kedgeree.

Hidden at a tiny impasse near place de Clichy, Le Bal is an exhibition space housed in a former bordello and ballroom (thus le bal). The café has been open since September. Whether you come for the art and stay for the food or vice versa doesn’t matter: there’s no shame in either.

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Bob’s Kitchen

First, there are the juices. The mash-up of watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, lemon, strawberry and mint sounded more like a grocery list than a recipe for goodness, but my taste buds (and nagging cold) thanked me after my first sip through the bendy straw. I shouldn’t have been skeptical. This is the Bob behind Bob’s Juice Bar, whose name isn’t Bob at all (it’s Marc Grossman). The man knows a thing or two about juice.

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