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Paris style: La Seine's l'île aux Cygnes, created artificially in 1825

Purely Paris: Impressionism and Paris Style

Paris style has no more popular masters than the Impressionists and the city has just declared its own “Impressionist Spring.” Its centerpiece is the still-fresh makeover of the Musée d’Orsay, which, anyone must admit, provides a new and stunning setting for its precious paintings. But don’t stop at seeing that—the city has come up with plenty of new ideas. Below is a bouquet of things Impressionist fans may like. Some are for worshippers of the actual artists, others for those who just love their era.

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Purely Paris: Autumn’s Little Black Jacket

Paris fashion has a serious love affair with the little black jacket. Here, it is regarded as much more than just another accessory. The jacket is always one of autumn’s wardrobe staples. Long after comfort-conscious Americans grab their winter gear (and Londoners their trench coats), local ladies are still happy to pair a tailored jacket with their jeans and scarves. They may move from pumps to boots, from smart shirts to woolly sweaters. But, until it really freezes, that scarf and jacket provide their major heating aids.

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Chocolate at A la Mère de Famille

Purely Paris: Vintage French Candies

Anyone interested by sweets in Paris has to check out A la Mère de Famille. Dominating a corner across from the Peletier metro, this incredible-looking boutique was born in 1761. But it is more than the oldest candy shop in town. A la Mère offers the riches of four separate disciplines: those of the chocolatier, pâtissier, confiseur (confectioner) and glacier (ice-cream maker). The boutique sells more than 1,200 products, with candies from every French era and region. In addition to the best marrons glacés in Paris, even the pickiest gastronomes rave about its ice creams.

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Fashion by Claudie Pierlot

Purely Paris: Claudie Pierlot

Two adjectives typify the clothes Parisiennes love best: chic and select. Here, every woman pursues a personal vision, using individual fashion repères, or landmarks. One beloved of younger Parigotes is Claudie Pierlot, a label whose Paris fashion is girlie and timeless.

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Purely Paris: Jams Better Than the Best Patisseries

Lise Bienaimé runs La Chambre aux Confitures, a closet-sized boutique whose name she translates as “the boudoir of jams.” Lise’s own last name means “beloved,”

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Purely Paris: Tsé & Tsé’s Style with Surprises

From silk scarves and paper vases to porcelain dishes and fairy lights, Tsé & Tsé Associates creates unique pleasures and treasures. The company is the baby of Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois, two spirited talents who met as students. At l’Ecole nationale supérieure de création industrielle, they designed a collection of rubber jewelry together and realized they complemented one another. After graduation they cofounded Tsé & Tsé, then produced a show that stunned the Parisian style pundits.

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Liberation tribute from the National Assembly

Purely Paris: August Survival Tips

For most Paris residents, the month of August is missing from their city calendars. Those who do stick it out in town will admit it’s a struggle. From hairdressers to dry cleaners, the businesses close one by one. Summer temps—who may be as new to the city as you—replace regular personnel. But don’t let this affect your Paris trip. All you need is a few tips and tricks.

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Petit Pan

Purely Paris: All That Glitters

As la grisaille (the grayness) settles in, winter Paris starts to become black and white. Yet this is also when the city’s shopwindows work their magic: plenty of sparkle spiked with gorgeous colors. On gloomy days, they charm residents into many a Paris boutique such as Petit Pan.

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La Pistacherie

Purely Paris: A Shop to Go Nuts About

If anything, shopping in Paris offers way too many options. But I’ve had few discoveries more delightful than La Pistacherie. This boutique—I should say boutiques, since there are three—is usually described as either a delicatessen or sweetshop. But it’s something more unique: an upscale shop for gourmet fruit and nut lovers.

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160th birthday shoes/Repetto for le Bon Marché

Purely Paris: Happy Birthday, Bon Marché!

This year le Bon Marché celebrates 160 years as a Paris fashion mecca. Such a special event even has a muse of its own: the iconic actress Catherine Deneuve. Deneuve has chosen her ten favorite left bank haunts, which the store has transformed into quirky windows. Created by cartoonist Marjane Satrapi of Persepolis fame, these look like leaves out of a children’s pop-up book. “Paris is the world,” says Satrapi, “and, to me, Catherine is the world of Paris.” The windows stay in place through October 27.

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