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Seafood Festivals in Provence

When we first moved to Provence we had to pinch ourselves on January days where we’d often sit in the sun for hours and bask…

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Top Ten Reasons to go to Provence

1 Everyone you know has been there, and its getting embarrassing Yes….it really is that nice. Some famous places and things just don’t live up…

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Festivals in Arles – Provence Tours

by Ashley Tinker of Curious Provence If you’re looking for a glimpse into Provençal culture, the best place to visit would be a festival in…

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Along the GR20, Corsica

Top Five Weekend Getaways in France for Summer and Fall

I have been in France for five years now and have done countless weekend and longer trips throughout l’Hexagone (the Hexagon, as France is often described). And every time I visit somewhere new, I end up adding more getaways in France to my list instead of crossing them off! There is still so much to explore. And yet, there are several corners of the country that keep drawing me back—physically and in my dreams! Here are my top weekend trip picks for the summer and fall seasons.

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Petits Farcis with Red Pepper Coulis

Petits farcis—stuffed summer vegetables—are a classic Provençal dish, although variations exist in many forms all around the Mediterranean.

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Take a break from traditional fondue and feast on the raclette fondues of the Alps. Visit the Paris restaurant Les Fondus de la Raclette, with locations all over Paris.

Restaurants in Paris: The Basics

I get lots of requests for Paris restaurant recommendations. Visitors will tell me that they want to try something authentic, but they don’t like heavy sauces, or their travel companion is a picky eater, or they are simply intimidated by French cuisine. Relax, I always say. The most traditional of Parisian dishes is steak frites, quickly followed by poulet roti (roast chicken).

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Paris author Linda Dannenberg, progenitor of Provence style

Lunch with Linda

The other day I was lucky enough to have breakfast with Linda Dannenberg. We had so much fun, I think we stayed until lunch. Linda is the author/coauthor of 14 books on French style and cooking, and she happens to live practically right next door to me in New York!

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Provence in September

Dreamed of Provençale hilltop villages and olive trees with ripe glistening olives or strolling through a market in Provence in September….

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The best markets in Provence

The quality of the produce is impressive here in Provence. However, all produce is not created equal. The first year I was here…

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Daube de Boeuf

Though loyal to Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon, I felt like a change this winter. There is a recipe for beef stew in Alice Waters’s The Art of Simple Food, and I was surprised to see the addition of orange peel and cloves to the pot. She includes […]

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