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Battle of the French Macarons

Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, and Fauchon are only a few names in the big business of macarons. As a matter of fact…

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Top Five Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Romance is a part of Parisian culture, and locals and tourists alike show no shame in expressing their love in public. With that in mind, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, this list of the top five […]

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Your Paris Palette: Halloween Orange

Just in time for Halloween! From Hermès to the metro sign that indicates Line 5, orange plays a particular role in the City of Light. This year, if you pay attention, you’ll find it everywhere. From the Paris fashion shows to Prada‘s David Bowie look, it provides this fall’s sharpest visual element. As our gray skies descend, orange is a welcome spark in the dark.

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Au Levain d'Antan

The City of Light’s Other Carb: Our Favorite Croissants in Paris

It’s no secret that Paris is one of the culinary capitals of the world. A quick Google search for “best things to eat in Paris” turns up almost 54 million mouthwatering possibilities, including duck confit, roasted chicken, pretty much any kind of cheese you could imagine, steak frites, crispy crêpes, croque-monsieur, pastries, macarons, chocolates and caramels.

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La Fermette for cheese in Paris

Uniquely French Gifts

Finding charming French gifts for a local French host or for overseas family and friends can be a challenge. To ease the angst of gift shopping in Paris, I’ve scoured the city, taken advantage of free samples, dropped some cash, and, most important, taken note whenever hearing a French person enthuse about something. (Spoiler alert: that something is usually either chocolaty or smelly.) Anything edible and described as hallucinant (mind blowing, or what appears to be “hallucination inducing”) is a must-have.

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Small and Sweet and Good to Eat: Where to Find the Best Macarons in Paris

Belgium and Switzerland probably produce the best chocolate in the world, America is the undisputed home of the cupcake and Vienna could give France a run for its money in the patisserie stakes. But when it comes to macarons, there’s no doubt that Paris is the undisputed reine. But what started the passion for macarons in Paris?

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Chocolate hedgehogs in the window at Patrick Roger.

Easter in Paris

Last Sunday at the Luxembourg Gardens it was cold and drizzling, yet people of all ages came strolling by with peaceful smiles and small branches…

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Let Them Eat Macarons

Dainty macarons are just as cool as cupcakes, but they’re more than a fad in France. Le macaron is a delicacy: a melt-in-the-mouth meringue sandwich with a delicate crispy shell and a creamy ganache or jelly center.

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Why French Women Love London

The French adore London. More than 400,000 French nationals reside there full-time, enjoying their own embassy (with its huge cultural complex, maternelle, lycée, French-language school, etc.), their own […]

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