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Elegant packaging at Un Dimanche à Paris for the finest chocolates.

Pierre Cluizel, Creativity and Chocolate at Un Dimanche à Paris

In a corner of the city bursting with character and charm is to be found a veritable world of fine chocolate. Pierre Cluizel, a man whose experience and knowledge of chocolate is deep and lifelong, has created his special destination for chocolate in Paris. This is somewhere to buy the finest filled bonbons and bars; eat and drink gourmet treats in the restaurant, bar or café; take your time over the unsurpassed velvety indulgence of the chocolat chaud; or attend one of the chocolate courses and learn more about this glorious foodstuff.

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The old stone wall at Un Dimanche à Paris

Chocolate in Paris: A Revolution in Style

Is it a revolution from the world of chocolate in Paris? Yes! Parisians love the first “chocolate concept store.” From its name, Un Dimanche à Paris (One Sunday in Paris) right through its napkins, this is a real designer project. Proprietor Pierre Cluizel is a third-generation chocolatier, son of the eminent Michel Cluizel. He used the global marketing agency Dragon Rouge to realize this scheme—which aims to offer the ultimate in chocolates.

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