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Happy Hampering: Best Spots to Picnic in Paris

As soon as the first bright rays of sun pierce the summer skies, the rush to find a calm spot to picnic in Paris…

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Paris tours: inside the Château de Vaux le Vicomte

Beyond Paris Tours: Château de Vaux le Vicomte

While you’re in Paris, a day trip to one of the many nearby historic châteaux will help you discover the splendor of a bygone era of French […]

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French recipes: summer peaches for a versatile peach soup

French Recipes: Peach Soup

There are so many things to like about summer in Paris. The weather (usually) improves, with people shedding layers and raincoats in exchange for summer frocks and sandals. And once the sun is out, the Parisians […]

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Ham and artichoke baguette at CheZ Aline, Delphine Zampetti's new deli in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris

Chez Aline

Looking at the storefront of this pocket-size Paris restaurant, you might walk right past it, not only because of its size, but also because of the name posted above the door: “Chevaline,” which translates to “horse butcher.” This place was indeed once a horse butcher, but now it’s home to a great new lunch spot. Delphine Zampetti, last in the kitchen of Le Verre Volé, is putting her stamp on the place with a switch in letters—CheZ Aline.

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Caviar d'aubergines is the perfect dish for a picnic in Paris

Caviar d’Aubergines

Undoubtedly, summer is the reigning season for a picnic in Paris. Most of the time, Parisians will stop by their neighborhood traiteur to pick up deli favorites, such as salads, pâtés and dips. One of the most popular of these is caviar d’aubergines, a thick purée of roasted eggplant, so named because it just might be as delicious as the storied fish eggs. Oh, and its color may resemble the lightest and finest caviars, if you squint just right.

Summer is also high season for eggplant. Roasting it yields a surprisingly rich flavor, with just a touch of smoke from the slightly charred skin. Cooking it on the grill increases the smokiness and is a great option on days too hot for the oven. Or if you happen to like […]

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Lafayette Organic: Paris Restaurant Is a Haven for Whole Foods (and Foodies)

According to a recent article in the French daily Le Monde, the organic market is “booming” in France, with 1,595 new organic food and beverage options having been introduced to the French market in a period of two years. A tour of Paris confirms the city’s shift toward organics. Ardent locavores and organic addicts are no longer relegated to the rare vegetarian spot when it comes to Paris restaurants. More and more, the city is offering organic, or bio, options in places where you would least expect them.

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The bridges that span the Seine have inspired many a romantic picnic in Paris.

Picnic in Paris

Paris is a city made for picnics. There are all those tempting bakeries with their simple yet scrumptious sandwiches, and the outdoor markets with their…

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Top 15 Summer in Paris Must-Do’s

Recently I guest tweeted for the Paris Tourism Bureau’s new English language twitter account @ParisForYou. Together…

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