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Hemingway in Paris

I was just a year old when my grandparents went on their first trip to Paris. Serving in the Air Force as a co-pilot in…

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The Magic of Paris

We can talk about Paris and her beauty until we are blue in the face. We can speak in hushed tones about the perfect croissant, the city’s […]

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Paris Fashion’s Most Priceless Photos

At its best, Paris fashion offers glamour distilled. But it took Vogue to send that message around the world. If you fancy seeing the very images they used to do it, check out Papier Glacé (Glossy Paper), presented […]

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Paris Secrets: The Art of Henri Cartier-Bresson

Each year, museums and galleries here host blockbusters. But, every once in a while, they also reveal Paris secrets. Many are now on show at the Pompidou Center’s massive exposition Henri Cartier-Bresson. It’s an […]

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Things to Do in Paris: Vivian Maier Photography Exhibition

Life is sometimes stranger than fiction. The art world sat up when in 2009 the existence and works of Vivian Maier were discovered. A documentary has been made about the life of this maverick, but until then […]

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Paris Secrets: Brassaï’s Hidden City

No photos of Paris are more beloved than those of Brassaï, who was born in Transylvania as Gyula Halász. Transplanted to Montparnasse in 1926, he helped create the legend of left bank bohemia. A friend of […]

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Paris tours: the Louvre pyramid with Better Paris Photos

Paris Tours: Interview with Sophie Pasquet, Creator of Better Paris Photos

When Sophie Pasquet moved to Paris in 2007, she wanted to do something that would bring together photography and learning, so she started an agency that combines

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Make Dior Your Paris Valentine

Photographer Gérard Uféras knows about fashion. But what he excels at is bringing the curious eye backstage. A former student of legendary French lensman Willy Ronis, Uféras also likes to spend time with a subject. Favorites include the worlds of opera and ballet, but he has now branched out—into fashion. Uféras’s new book Dior: 30, avenue Montaigne is a huge, magnificent tome. It’s also the perfect Paris valentine to couture. In focusing on that metier’s secrets and skills, he has forged a very special portrait.

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Pictours Paris founder, Lindsey Kent, is always prepared to her next shot!

Be the Star of Your Own Paris Photos

There are a few things that every woman thinks about when preparing for a trip: where to stay, where to dine and what to wear so she looks good in photos. And if the trip is to Paris, knowing what to wear is even more important

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Photos in Paris: Eugène Atget’s City

Sometimes there’s something to be said for rain. This spring, Paris alternated between sparkling and soaking. But that allowed me multiple trips to the Musée Carnavalet, which is showing work by Eugène Atget. When it comes to photos in Paris, there is no greater treat. Atget’s oeuvre is a true Paris treasure. So, if you’re in town, this show is a must.

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Paris Art: Top Tips for Autumn

Paris art lovers go crazy during fall’s first months. The clouds lower, the air chills and all the action starts. This is la rentrée, the city’s big return to school, to post-vacation life—and to museums. This year, la rentrée debuts landmark changes. One is the unveiling of the Louvre’s new Department of Islamic Art. This structure, by Mario Bellini and Rudy Ricciotti, has been keenly awaited. The city also unveils the first glimpse of voies sur berges, a reclamation of the Seine-side roadways for pedestrian use. Add to this a Rolodex of great art—and everyone’s happy.

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Paris in 15 Shots

David Bacher is an American photographer living in Paris and has a website that made us stop, look and listen. I wanted to get to know David a bit better, so I asked him to describe his version of Paris. Paris photos are ubiquitous and are often romantic in feel, but his tell a different story. He is the first male we’ve featured on our site, so I hope he considers himself lucky! In addition to his art photography, David also photographs weddings, fashion events and product launches. His view of Paris is that of someone who lives here and experiences the complexities of daily life in the capital.

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Photos in Paris: Around the World, for Free

As the capital of that country which gave birth to photography, it comes as no surprise that this city adores the art. Autumn here is marked by a set of events (Paris Photo, Month of the Photo, Salon of the Photo) dedicated to celebrating photos in Paris. In addition, the Paris mairie has started a blog on the subject. Subscribe to that and you’ll have all the photo news in town.

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Photos in Paris: St.-Germain’s Free Festival

Photos in Paris are always irresistible, whether you come to snap the sites or worship the greats. (Talents currently visible here include Lewis Hine, William Klein and Diane Arbus.) Now, for the month of November, a quartier central to the photo’s role will celebrate it. The brand-new Festival of the Photo in St.-Germain-des-Près features four-dozen venues: all showing works around the theme of image, writers and writing.

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The Softer Side of Hard-Core Photos in Paris

The hippest crowd in Paris gathered to see photos in Paris at the Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery on November 25. Actor Stephen Dorff was chatting to musician Thomas Mars; designer Charlotte Bialas sipped a drink next to the editor of i-D magazine. Rumors of Patti Smith showing up abounded. And of course Sofia Coppola was there, pretty and petite in a signature print blouse, to present the show she curated for the gallery, featuring Robert Mapplethorpe’s lesser-known black-and-white works.

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