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Spring in Paris: A Photo Essay

Flowers are the first harbingers of spring in Paris. And while winter 2013–14 hasn’t been brutal here, as it has been in much of the United States, spring, which starts March 20, can’t come soon enough.

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The new Philippe Starck–designed Photomatons allow you to take snapshots in a range of styles, from Warhol-inspired Pop to Surrealism

Paris Photos Fit for Amélie: Play the Leading Role Yourself

Want to play Amélie Poulain? Now you can do it with real style. This summer’s most surprising fetish object is the photo booth—but it’s undergone what Parisians like to call a “re-looking.”

There is no need to fear harsh light or dingy curtains in these Paris photos. Photomaton, the largest supplier of booths in France, asked designer Philippe Starck to totally redesign their baby.

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Paris in Photos

Sometimes it’s a picture that says a thousand words. Camille from Paris in Pink found these gorgeous Paris photos that remind us of the City of Light and all things French. Ahhh, Paris in springtime: can you honestly look at these images and not begin dialing or clicking to book your next trip? That’s our challenge.

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