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Paris restaurants: dessert at Philou

Paris Restaurants: A Guide to the Neo-Bistro Scene

While the fanciest Paris restaurants continue to accumulate accolades, I find that these days the best place to feel the city’s culinary heartbeat is its burgeoning neo-bistro scene. Like its forerunner, the bistro […]

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Monsieur le Prince

The old Chez Maître Paul has been turned into a prince.

The room has been freshly painted in cool grays, with contemporary photos and prints on the wall. An old zinc service bar and a tiny Parisian spiral staircase help the place retain some of its charm.

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Oysters tartare at Le Pantruche, in the 10th Arrondissement, in Paris.

Le Pantruche

I was experiencing a bit of restaurant fatigue last week after one dinner that left my belly bellicose (and bank account bruised) and another that took pizza to new lows. These meals, plus a lingering holiday heaviness, gave me a strong desire to withdraw to the security of my own kitchen, where I know I can eat well.

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Roast grouse with foie gras at Philou, in the 10th Arrondissement


I’ve bemoaned the lack of a good bistro in this neighborhood (the 10th Arrondissement) since moving here last winter. With the opening of Philou, I can stop complaining.

There’s nothing wrong with young and hip, bobo and branché, but Philou is a bistro for grown-ups, run by an experienced chef. Owner Philippe Damas (former patron of the Square Trousseau, pre-Costes) offers a generous, seasonal bistro menu […]

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