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Paris cooking classes: Ferrandi boulangerie students

Paris Cooking Classes: L’Ecole Ferrandi

Hands up those who have heard of l’Ecole Ferrandi? I might not have either, were it not for a friend who enrolled in its intensive course in…

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Tutti Frutti at Café Pouchkine

Top 10 Pastry Shops in Paris

What are the best pastry shops in Paris? Ask most people—or read any Parisian guidebook—and you’ll hear some variation of the following list: Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Stohrer, Gérard Mulot and Blé Sucré. When I first took an interest in Parisian pastry, and kept coming across those same names, it seemed odd. In a city renowned for its work in pastry, and jammed with countless world-class chefs of every stripe, there had to be more than five patisseries worth visiting.

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A History of Paris Pastry (in One Shop)

In France, great pâtissiers become genuine heroes. Some of the most luscious goods you see in Paris pastry shops are directly descended from pioneers such as Nicolas Stohrer (who came to Paris in 1725) or Vincent La Chapelle (who, during the 1730s, wrote The Modern Cook).

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French Valentine’s Day Gifts

You’ve waited until the last minute to think about Valentine’s day, who among us can’t relate. Its happened…

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