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Things to See in Paris: 60 Postcards Hidden in Paris

Scattering postcards around Paris in memory of her late mother has made Rachael Chadwick a media darling, an author and […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Paris

These must-do’s are not found on your typical list of things to do in Paris. They are my own personal picks, filled with […]

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Paris Dining: Bululú Arepera

So Paris has discovered street food. And none too soon. Paris dining options have expanded further with more eating spots […]

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Things to see in Paris: Chinatown

For years I had wanted to see a real Chinese New Year parade and that desire is what drove Liana, my wonderful assistant […]

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French Fashion: Mad as a Hatter

This spring’s hat trend has evolved greatly from the traditional winter beanie. Hats have dominated as the new favorite […]

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French Fashion at the Sustainable Luxury Salon

The fourth annual Sustainable Luxury Salon in Paris featured the newest French fashion trends in design […]

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Top Five Free Wine Tastings in Paris

A favorite Paris wine bar among locals, le Garde Robe is an outpost of wine tasting central le Vin en Tête, a wine store […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Tournesol

I receive a lot of e-mail from people asking me where the French go to eat, and I have had a hard time giving anyone the […]

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Things to Do in Paris: The South of France in the South of Paris

You might think you know everything about Paris, or that everything looks the same: the Haussmannian buildings, the narrow […]

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Paris in Chicago

A Peninsula Hotel is opening in Paris, just steps from the Arc de Triomphe and locals are so excited that when I…

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Paris Dining: Caluc

Parisians and tourists are all too familiar with crêpes and galettes from Brittany; indeed the Paris dining scene is […]

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Paris secrets: the terrace at l'Hotel de l'Abbaye

Paris Secrets: The Best Terraces on the Left Bank

We at the Girls’ Guide to Paris have been feverishly contriving our list of the city’s best summer terraces. Don’t miss out….

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Paris With A Baby

Children don’t see language barriers. They see opportunities for playmates and new friends. There’s a lesson there and…

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Paris Restaurants: Rech

One of the top things that come to mind when people think about Paris is food. Paris restaurants: we dream about them when […]

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Historic Paris Cafés

Can you write about historic cafés in Paris without mentioning Le Procope? This was the city’s very first café,…

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