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Hemingway in Paris

I was just a year old when my grandparents went on their first trip to Paris. Serving in the Air Force as a co-pilot in…

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Paris Photography with Georgianna Lane

Would you like to make your photos of Paris and anywhere you travel look even just a little bit more like these? Who wouldn’t?? Georgianna…

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12 Reasons why Bordeaux is the Best City in France

HOLD ON wait a minute you say…have you forgotten Paris??? So to be fair, its absolutely true, nothing can match Paris. Its fame, iconic monuments and…

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The Best Champagne for New Years Eve

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, we visited the Champagne region for several days this past week, en famille. It was a nice chance…

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What’s A Brasserie?

Before setting out for an unforgettable day of Paris dining, it’s important to understand the differences between these types of establishments. And once you do,…

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Paris in One Word

Last week I asked a question on Facebook and got more reactions, likes and comments than any post ever….

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A New York Day in Paris

Say you’ve just been somewhere terribly cool in Paris and you begin describing it to your Parisian friend…

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15 Most Beautiful Parisian Women

The word beauty comes from the old French word beauté. In French the phrase ‘une beauté’ means a beautiful young woman, but…

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A Guide to Enjoying Paris Solo

I get too many emails. Doesn’t everyone? Everyday something or someone shows up in my inbox asking for help on where to go…

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Dress shopping at Valentino, Paris

Walking into the hallowed ground of the couture showroom of Valentino, Paris located right on the Place Vendome discreetly…

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Paris Christmas market

Christmas Music in Paris: Concerts and Carols

Is it possible to hear familiar Christmas music in Paris? Indeed yes, many English and American churches…

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Christmas Shopping in Paris, or NOT.

Christmas shopping in Paris is ridiculous fun, one feels privileged to be able to cross items off your list in a city….

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There’s something about Paris

Dana White is one of those women that you meet and right away want to be friends with. Its not because she’s very…

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An American Artist in Paris

From the time she attended the Art Students League at the age of 12, Anna Walinska (1906-1997) dreamed of going to Paris…

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French wines: Château Doisy-Daëne Sauternes 2007

French Wines: Château Doisy-Daëne Sauternes 2007

With the propensity of les Français to pair their wonderful French wines with their delectable cuisine, is the so-called French paradox really a myth? I’m referring to the observation that the rate of coronary heart […]

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