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Paris secrets: the terrace at l'Hotel de l'Abbaye

Paris Secrets: The Best Terraces on the Left Bank

We at the Girls’ Guide to Paris have been feverishly contriving our list of the city’s best summer terraces. Don’t miss out….

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Paris Secrets: The Art of Henri Cartier-Bresson

Each year, museums and galleries here host blockbusters. But, every once in a while, they also reveal Paris secrets. Many are now on show at the Pompidou Center’s massive exposition Henri Cartier-Bresson. It’s an […]

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Paris Secrets: Brassaï’s Hidden City

No photos of Paris are more beloved than those of Brassaï, who was born in Transylvania as Gyula Halász. Transplanted to Montparnasse in 1926, he helped create the legend of left bank bohemia. A friend of […]

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Paris Secrets: Fresh Romantic Outings

There’s a reason this really is the city of lovers. Here you’re simply never short of a romantic adventure. Many cherished Paris secrets revolve around outings à deux. Here are five new favorites, all budget-friendly.

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Paris Secrets: Top Five Unexpected Sights

Anytime you think you know this city, you should think again. Every alley, park and courtyard hides a ville that is all its own. Just try searching out a few Paris secrets; here are five to get you started.

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Top Five Paris Secrets

This is a city with endless hidden treasures, but which are most intriguing? Here are my current five favorite Paris secrets.

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Paris Secrets: Le Cupcake Français

Pâtisserie is not the biggest of Paris secrets. It’s more a showcase of beautiful art that’s visible every day, all over the city. Few locals indulge themselves in pastries at the rate of visitors, but they keep an eye on […]

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Secrets of Paris: la Halle de Saint-Pierre

Paris Secrets: Peace at Last—Where to Rest, Relax and Recharge

Cities can be stressful places, and Paris is no exception. With the bustle of busy streets, the jostling of crowded boutiques and the claustrophobia of cramped metro

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Paris secrets: Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

Paris Secrets: Top Five Hidden Paris Places

Everyone has a favorite Paris secret—a small pleasure, a private place or a special discovery. Here are my five choices for the city’s best hidden haunt.
1. Albert Kahn’s Gardens, 10–14, rue du Port […]

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Paris secrets: the terrace at le Café Père et Fils

Paris Secrets: The Best Terraces on the Right Bank

It’s a fait accompli: whenever the Parisian sun gods grant the sun-deprived city dwellers a full day of blue skies, the entire populace seems to flock to the closest terrace to capitalize on the sunshine. It is with the warmest plaisir that we divulge yet another round of Paris secrets—this time the city’s best terraces on the right bank—to ensure that you, too, can partake in this sunny ritual. After all, you never know when the sun will bestow its rays on the City of (Nocturnal) Light again.

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Paris secrets: panier frame

Paris Secrets: The Stylish Silhouette

The stylish silhouette always ranks high among Paris secrets. Praised by visitors since the 14th century, it now defines how the rest of the world likes to look. But think back to Marie Antoinette’s paniers, the bustles of Impressionist ladies or Dior’s New Look. How were all those centuries of radical shapes achieved? You can find the answer at the Musée des arts décoratifs […]

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Ballon Air de Paris

Seven Paris Secrets

Sick of debating whether of not the Mona Lisa is smiling? Eaten falafel in the Marais one too many times? Been to the Eiffel Tower so often you could run your own tour group?Paris secrets may be closely guarded, but the city can’t hide them forever. Here are seven of them.

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