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Michelin Star Restaurants Paris – Le Pergolese

by Debbie Kobayashi Michelin starred Le Pergolese is located in the posh 16th arrondisement just off of Avenue Foch. Many of its clientele live in…

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La Taverne Henry IV, a Local Paris Wine Bar

Opened in 1885, La Taverne Henry IV is one of the oldest wine bars still serving in Paris today. And while the food is fresh, the recipes have […]

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Paris Restaurants: Haï Kaï and Girl Power on the Canal

What were you doing when you were 24 years old? Okay, don’t write me and tell me you are 24 now and running a big company. I know […]

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Paris Restaurants: Blueberry

I was sitting at home reading a press release about a tempting new Japanese place called Blueberry when my partner, who is not a foodie and […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Tournesol

I receive a lot of e-mail from people asking me where the French go to eat, and I have had a hard time giving anyone the […]

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Paris Restaurants: Rech

One of the top things that come to mind when people think about Paris is food. Paris restaurants: we dream about them when […]

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Paris Restaurants: The Rules

Food is a significant part of French culture and being prepped and ready will help you enjoy this essential element…

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Three Paris Wine Bars for Summer

There is seemingly no end to enticing Paris wine bars where you can find not only interesting, natural or….

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Coretta Restaurant Interior

Paris Restaurants: Coretta

In a season of highly anticipated openings last fall, Coretta was one of January’s most talked-about. It was …

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Paris Restaurants: Métropolitain

We had dinner at the Métropolitain not so long ago. Don’t worry, the Métropolitain isn’t the Parisian subway but a….

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Top Five Hipster Paris Restaurants

Hipsters have a big influence on making a place trendy in Paris, always looking for the authentic with a unique ambience that will make them feel at home. By word of mouth they discover before others the next […]

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Paris dining: Will

Don’t ever think of Will as a boring nickname, it’s also a hidden gem that foodies should not miss…

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Paris Restaurants: Le Tourne Bouchon

There are some places that are so very much a part of my regular routine, it would never occur to me to share them—not out of selfishness but out of mere neglect. And it came to me recently that I have been […]

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Paris Restaurants: Pottoka

A true rebel when it comes down to both everyday life and even the size of bites I take, I have the annoying tendency to put up….

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Paris Restaurants: Le Balm

Pierrick Mathon is French, and his wife, Kanya, is from Thailand, so it is only natural that when they took over the mechanics shop that had been the historic Boeuf à la Mode (BALM) from 1792 to 1932, they […]

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