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Paris Restaurant: Le Petit Châtelet

I have a problem. When I see “Traditional French food” or “English menu available” signs, I just want to run the other way…

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Restaurants in Montmartre: La Boîte aux Lettres

The French movie “Amélie” definitely worked its magic on me when I saw it in 2001. It’s a glimpse into the whimsical world…..

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Restaurant near Eiffel Tower: Au Bon Accueil

Eating around the Eiffel Tower is not THAT difficult, but you can’t really be too picky. It’s pretty much a choice between….

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Paris Cafés: La Pascade

I wouldn’t consider Paris to be a sunny city. As a matter of fact, I’d say that it was damn grey! So where to go in times when there just ain’t…

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Paris Bistro: Le Pharamond, Classic Norman Cuisine

Founded in 1832, Pharamond is a historic restaurant that offers some of the best homemade traditional Norman dishes….

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Pop-Up Dinners in Paris

Last Saturday I went to a popup dinner organized and prepared by Foodshootr and Chef Papa Serra Jr. The concept is simple: foodies getting together…

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