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French Fashion – Andrew GN

By Debbie Kobayashi Backstage at Andrew Gn Autumn Winter Fashion Show Paris, early March 2018. Clutching pink invitations in chartreuse envelopes on a Friday night we…

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The Girls’ Guide Goes to Paris Fashion Week

Many come to Paris looking to explore one (or perhaps all) of the three F’s: food, a French fling or, the most eminent, French fashion. Distinguished as the fashion capital of the world, it may be no surprise that twice a year the City of Light is inundated with fashion professionals and enthusiasts alike to partake in the much-anticipated Paris Fashion Week.

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Gowns at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

The museums, the cheese, the history—there are countless reasons millions of visitors flock to the City of Light each year, and for many of us it is to see Paris fashion. The very best of international fashion lines the avenue Montaigne, the Faubourg Saint-Honoré and now, even the quartier Saint-Germain. Independent designers fill the Marais and a neighborhood known as le Sentier. La mode is everywhere you look. To modify a quote from the Musée d’Orsay’s recent “Impressionism and Fashion” exhibition, Paris IS fashion.

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Haute Couture Fashion Week

Get ready for the haute couture fashion shows in Paris! They’re on next week, from July 4 to 7, featuring the fall/winter 2011–12 collections. The shows are such a fabulous time in a city whose life and breath is fashion. The variety and scale of the venues should be as inspiring as the clothes […]

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Paris Fashion Week 2011

We are so excited for Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011! The shows mark the end of the season after a whirlwind tour that starts in New York, passes through London and Milan and finishes in Paris. Between March 1 and 9, we are keeping up with all the major designers and Paris fashion houses (ahem, Dior!).

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