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Champagne Adds Sparkle to French Culture

Champagne tends to be in a class of its own. So it’s good to remember that it is first and foremost a French wine. And French wine is synonymous with French culture. In fact, many of the younger generation in […]

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Food in Paris: Cooklette, a cooking class offered by the Paris concept store Colette

Two Top-Shelf Paris Cooking Classes

Colette is a concept store in Paris. It’s so in with the fashionable crowd that during Fashion Week even Chanel did a pop-up shop with Colette. And if you’ve been on the hunt for the right Paris cooking class, take note: once a month Colette offers a class called Cooklette.

According to Colette’s Anaïs Sidali, Cooklette is just something that Colette does because they want to offer a fun activity for their customers. The Water Bar downstairs is an ideal location. They just push some of the center tables together and voilà: cooking atelier.

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