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Christmas in Paris: Joyeuses Fêtes~

This will be our only post for the week, because all of us have shopping to finish, trees to decorate and candles to light. We at Girls’ Guide….

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Paris Must-Sees: Top Tips for Spring

Happy Birthday, Notre Dame!
This year, on Palm Sunday (March 24), Parisians will greet a sound unheard since before the French Revolution. That date is the debut of “Marie,” the new six-ton bell in Notre Dame‘s South Tower. Named for the Virgin Mary

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Chocolate hedgehogs in the window at Patrick Roger.

Easter in Paris

Last Sunday at the Luxembourg Gardens it was cold and drizzling, yet people of all ages came strolling by with peaceful smiles and small branches…

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Scrooge’s Guide to Christmas in Paris: Part I

I’m one of those holiday nuts. December 26 begins a countdown to my very FAVORITE time of year! I break out the decorations and CDs way too early. I shop year-round for gifts. Though I’m ashamed to admit it, I actually own a pair of tacky reindeer horns. Bref, I go off the holiday deep end. I have so many wonderful memories with my family that it’s a time of year I really cherish.

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