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Le Pont de Yunnan, a 9th Arrondissement Chinese restaurant in Paris, is a no-frills authentic Chinese hole-in-the-wall where your mouth will be delighted and so will your wallet.

Paris Restaurants: Le Pont de Yunnan

Every morning when I look out my window at the park below, I see clusters of Chinese women doing some sort of cross between jazzercise and tai chi. While it looks a bit ridiculous against the backdrop of […]

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Happy Nouilles, a 3rd Arriondissement Paris restaurant, serves up fast, cheap, handmade noodles in a number of spicy, soul-satisfying soups

Happy Nouilles

It’s raining in Paris… again. I know, I know, I still get to live in the City of Light, but I caught a cold too, so I’ve been a little grumpy. I thought about which Paris restaurant could cheer me up, and the perfect spot came to mind: Happy Nouilles.

You almost can’t even say the name of the place without smiling.

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The neighborhood around the rue Ste.-Anne, sometimes called Little Japan or Little Tokyo, overflows with Japanese restaurants, themselves overflowing with hungry people—local business people, students, families—lined up for inexpensive soba, udon, rice bowls or ramen.

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